My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

That We May...Be Generous...

I'm going to write a series of posts about how we got here.
But, suffice it to say we have recently been reminded that we cannot outgive God.
Our generosity is simply an outflowing of what He has already done. An overflow of all Jesus gave when He gave it ALL on the cross.
And as our pastor would say we should walk through life with an attitude of "That We May"--

And so with these two thoughts in mind....It is our honor and our privilege to share with the world our plans to adopt 2 more children from Lucas's orphanage in China.  Both of these precious "babes" were friends of Lucas when he was in China.  Both are special needs.  I can't share pictures at this time on this public of a forum.  But, one is a boy and one is a girl and they are around Lucas's age.  (10-11 years old).

Soon (next year sometime due to paperwork and hoops we must jump through) the "three musketeers" will be reunited and joined into a Forever Family.  I have to be honest and say it all seems so much bigger than any story we could ever imagine writing.

Lucas has been advocating for us to bring them home for almost 2 years.  And I must say at times I often felt like Jonah--running as far and as fast as I could from the possibility of it.  It all seemed overwhelming to me.  I've felt some guilt over time because they've had to sit there and wait for us to get our act together.  But, that's really now how God works.  His timing is Always perfect.  And those kinds of thoughts are Not of Him!  I don't know why it was necessary for them to stay there an additional 3 years+ more than Lucas.  But, I do know that there were reasons over the past 2 years that prohibited us from moving forward.

But, Now is the time.
We've begun the paperwork which by the way is not for the faint of heart.

I'd really like to share how we got here and what God's timing really looks like.  So over the next several posts I'm going to try to condense 80 pages of journaling into just a few posts.  That in and of itself should be quite the challenge.

Among other themes, I will reference 2 life altering concepts that surfaced over and over again:
That We May
...two things our wonderful Pastor Louie has taught and stretched us to grab hold of over these many months.

In Jesus Name, we are grateful beyond words for all He has done and continues to do.

I posted this on Facebook from today's Tyndale House email devo. about Esther:

"Whatever your place in life, God can use you as he used Queen Esther. Be open, available, and ready, because God may use you to do what others are afraid even to consider". 

And that does Not make me a bold person.  
It just humbles me more.
I have so far to go.

So how does one decide to take on something that appears bigger than life, more expensive, costly, time consuming, and emotionally draining?  
You just do what God calls you to do and sometimes you step out into the water before you find dry land. (re: Joshua)

stay tuned for the back story.