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My Family
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Friday, December 21, 2012

A video from August 2011

Another little flash from the past.
While Aunt Linda was here for a little pre-Christmas visit and she was sharing some fun little videos with us.  This one she made back in August of 2011.  It is just amazing to me how much Lucas has changed.

Merry Christmas and updates

Aunt Linda came for a week and left on Tuesday.  We miss her already but had tons of fun with her.

We have some big changes as we say good bye to 2012 and enter into 2013.  Lucas will be entering public school for this next semester as a 2nd grader.  There are several reasons for our decision, but we are excited for him to go and be with a lot of new friends and also get some additional academic help that I can't seem to get past here at home.  I feel like I need to get him over the hump and get him some confidence that he can read and learn.
I met with teachers and other who will be working with him and they were all very kind and seem experienced.  The school system here is very culturally diverse and the teachers also have a lot of experience with ESL kids.  Not that he really has a second language anymore, but they are familiar with the gaps and things that may come up with a child coming from another language and/or culture.

Isaac will remain home schooled for 2nd semester of his senior year and it's going to be an intense semester as we pick up a few loose ends and move forward to get him graduated.  He has been healing from some depression issues last spring and into the summer and Fall.  It has been a very challenging season around here, but can I just say?  It is great to have him back in a healthier place.  We are still working on some things, but oh my.  Life is definitely better.

Peter is doing well over all.  But, finances are very tight. He has 2 interesting opportunities possibly popping up in January.  We do not know how they will land yet, but God is up to something.  So stay tuned and KEEP PRAYING!

And, I'm not sure I should say it publicly but maybe that will be a motivator for me, I'm thinking about finally getting that book written this spring.  While Lucas is in school, Isaac is working hard...I'm thinking now may be the time to FINALLY do it.

I do have to say that God is Providing.  Sometimes I don't understand how or why, but He has definitely seen us through 2012 and the future is looking good.

We will continue to Praise Him for all He has done.

Merry Christmas to All from our House to Yours!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Yesterday, Lucas had a little surgery.  And apparently I should have let people know about it.  I'm not making excuses here but Peter and I just had a very funny conversation about it.
First, the surgery was to remove some plates in his knees that were placed in September 2011 when he had his amputation surgery.  The purpose of them was to slow bone growth on the inside of his knees so the outer regions could continue to grow and convince his bowed out knees to realign themselves.  The growth has happened in the manner in which the doctor is pleased so it was time for them to come out.  He said we may have to revisit this again in the future as he grows, but for now it is good.

I didn't reallly think about it as being a big deal.  Pop out the plates and we are on our way--outpatient surgery.  Yes it is still surgery, I get that, but in comparison to other things, we just didn't view it as "a big deal".  So after Lucas and I got settled at the hospital,  it dawned on me that maybe friends and relatives should know about this.  No joke, that is when it really hit me.  So I started taking pictures and asking for prayer and posting it on Facebook.  That is when I realized "Inquiring Minds Want to Know".  The responses and shock I got from people that he was having surgery, showed me I probably should have had this information out there sooner.

So, back to the conversation with Peter this morning.  I told him even relatives were saying "What surgery"?  I got a phone call from my sister last night .. "I didn't know that was today".  OOps!

Peter had the most classic comment of all however, when he said,
"It's not like he had his feet cut off or something."

I think this is all born out of a matter of perspective.  We've walked a child through cancer treatment and death.  We've walked this child through amputation surgery.  We have been walking through some teen challenges.  So this all just seemed like "no big deal".

Unfortunately, I need to be a little more compassionate apparently, because Lucas has been in a little more pain than I had expected.  In fact they gave us Oxycodone for the pain.  Hmmmmm.  He had to take it last night and this morning he woke up hurting.  I know he will be up-and-at-'em soon.  But, the biggest lessons I learned?
1.  let people know ahead of time (for prayer if nothing else)
2.  no surgery is "minor"--it's still surgery and I should realize it may hurt.

(I was going to share some pics with you but apparently I've bumped into a ceiling with Google and my photo albums.  Need to inquire further and don't have time for that right now.)

One of the most precious, though possibly drug induced, things Lucas said yesterday happened as we were pulling away from the hospital.  He was happy to be going home and started rambling...

"I'm so glad you adopted me and you are my mom and you take good care of me and give me food."

then he fell asleep =)

So my apologies to those who felt left out of the loop yesterday.   I know soon he will be running around like a crazy man and this little blip will be over.  Thank you for your prayers and caring about our family once again.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Adoption/Gotcha Day video finally posted on YouTube

It's taken me a while to get my act together enough to get this video posted on YouTube.  It is our Adoption Video compiled by our amazing friend, David Nobles.  It includes our days wandering in China before we met Lucas and then Gotcha Day and days after in China along with our homecoming.  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TBall Reds Fall 2012 a little video

Here is a little video of Lucas and his Fall Baseball Season this year.  His team won all games except one and tied one game.  They won the Championship in FIRST Place!!  We are so proud of him and all he accomplished, learning the game and playing so well.  To God Be The Glory for all He has done.

Monday, November 19, 2012

stories from China

We often get small glimpses into Lucas's former life.  Sometimes I wonder if the details are correct but sometimes I hear things and my heart just breaks.

I wonder why he has such a hard time doing school work.  With homeschooling, there are days I just can't figure out what the deal is.  He gets virtually violent because he doesn't understand something or doesn't want to do something.  Then I have to work through all of that junk and push the "reset" button so he can even attempt to learn.  It can be so frustrating. And can take a lot of extra time.

Tonight, out of nowhere as I was sitting with him, putting him to bed he said a few things...
First he asked me,
"Why do you like me?....Why did you adopt me?"
That's a loaded question for bedtime.  I told him because when we saw his picture we "knew" he belonged in our family and we knew God had him planned just for us.  He smiled.

Then a little while later as he was beginning to dose off...
"You want to hear what happened to me in China mom?"
"One time I was so hungry in school that I stole some food from some kids.  And I got in trouble for it."
I asked, "what did they do?"
He said, "They kicked me out of the school and wouldn't let me come back".
He also said he, "Cheated" from other kids and took their answers in Math class because he didn't understand what was going on.
That explains a lot.
One "problem" with homeschooling one child...he cannot cheat off anyone elses papers.  He has to do the work himself.  Huh!  No wonder he gets so mad!  I told him he may have had problems in China but here, he is learning a lot and getting smarter everyday--he smiled.
I think he is beginning to see that indeed he "can" do this stuff.  Little windows are opening.  He is much farther along than he was last year at this time.  Although we are moving at a pretty slow pace.  I have to admit it is frustrating to me sometimes because we move so slowly.  But, I also think about the things he can comprehend more now.  I read some things to him the other day and then asked him some questions about it.  He could answer all the questions in detail.  That is stunning really--I think simply grasping the English language and also grabbing hold of the many quirks along the way is in a sense enough to keep a brain busy.

I hope he continues to remember his stories and his life and doesn't put it all completely aside forever.  Some things may be good to forget, but others--still important to remember.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Conversation Peace

I just finished leading a study called Conversation Peace.  It's an older study I did several years ago too.  It is so loaded with scriptural references about our tongue and our speech that it's almost overwhelming.

I would say the heart of the study would probably be this verse:

A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.  Luke 6:45

I don't think we realize how important or significant our words are.  But, God is pretty clear that He values them. As much as we may want to deny it, our words are a mirror into our souls.  If your heart is full of "yuck" you may be able to attempt to be kind, but at some point in the journey you aren't going to be able to hold it all together.  And what is truly in your heart will come out.  The opposite is also true, if our hearts are full of:

whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.  Phil 4:8-9

Now, the reality of this? We cannot anticipate being able to do it alone.  It is a blessed thing that He gives us so many resources in His Word to lean on.  I love the reference that was made to Moses who had obvious speech issues.  When he doubted God could use him.  
p. 134
"God made Moses' mouth-and God owned it.  Therefore, Moses could trust God to fill it with the right words."
Luke 12:12
"The Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say"
Our only "job" is to stay in tune with Him.  Fill ourselves to overflowing with more of Him so when the challenges come--we are able to respond well.

This is one jam packed study.  There is no simple way to put it in one small blog post.  Even without the tapes, I think a lot could be gleaned from it.  The tapes are good, but the loads of scripture on the topic are all in the actual study.  Oh and if you want a list of verses about the power of your "tongue" read the book of Proverbs (she referenced probably over 50 verses from Proverbs).  This is the one that hit me the most:

Proverbs 26:18-19
Like a maniac shooting
    flaming arrows of death
19 is one who deceives their neighbor
    and says, “I was only joking!”


and finally,
"All that remains, then, is for you to go and speak.  He will help you.  He will teach you.  His Holy Spirit-whose mighty power raised Christ from the dead-is with you.  He has promised, "My Spirit, who is on you, and my words that I have put in your mouth will not depart from your mouth" (Is. 59:21)


I do find it interesting when I'm doing I study like this how much the topic at hand gets tested with me.  I have been struggling over the past few months with my words and speech and then just shaking my head and thinking "where did that even come from?"  Then I have to face the reality that my heart really is not connected with Christ in that moment.  I am so thankful that God gives us chances for "do overs".  But, sometimes the words have already done their damage.  I need to recommit to reconnecting with God yet again!  
Today I go forth with this on my tongue: (memorized cuz I am a slow learner and need lots of repetition!!)

"May the Words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight oh Lord my Rock and my Redeemer"  Psm 19:14

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lucas Dreams and Church

Lucas dreams a lot.  And most days he comes to the top of the stairs and I'm sitting in the kitchen and he says,
 "Good Morning mom".
"You know what I dreamed last night?"
I say
"No babe, what did you dream?"
and the story gets told.

I would say for over a year if he dreamt anything about China it was negative.  That makes me sad.  There had to be something good.  Didn't there?  We do feel he was well cared for, but he definitely likes America better and he thinks his entire country is like the experience he had there.  That is unfortunate.
The past few days he has had some very positive dreams about the "aiyi's" there, aunties or caretakers at the orphanage.
Today, he told me he dreamt that he was in China and we were there with him and he told his aiyi's that they were not going to believe this...but He believes in Jesus now.  They were happy for him and told him that THEY believe in Jesus too.  That made him very smiley and happy this morning.  What a sweet dream.

On another note, today he went into "big" church with me for worship time before heading to the kid's area.  It was a baptism Sunday and he was very intrigued by that.  I tried explaining it to him as best I could while the music was playing, but I need to explain it a little more.  The sweetest grin came over his face and he said,
"Can I be baptized?"
 I said we would talk about it some more at home,
but that if he believes in Jesus then "yes".
He was VERY excited about that prospect.  I think it will be a little while before they do it again, but he may be the first in line...=)

It's a strange life in our house though.
I have one child so incredibly eager to be in church and learn about Jesus, singing his praises all day long, and one that doesn't want anything to do with it.
One knows what life was like without God and to live in a Godless country/environment.
And one was raised in the church and had God all his life.  Right now, we can't get him to set foot in church.  He rejects it all.
Not quite sure what to make of that right now, but it is an interesting dichotomy in our house.
One that definitely causes me to shed tears for both of them, tears of joy and tears of sadness all in the same day at the same worship service.

God is Good and Nothing is Impossible With Him!  I will not stop praisn' Him!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Santa Claus

I've mentioned this before, but with adopting an older child (at the age of 7) we get an opportunity to see rapid fire development in him sometimes.  A few weeks ago he decided he wanted to learn to tie his own baseball shoes.  He had only had velcro shoes all his life and even here, I just never thought about it.  So, I sat down with him one day and showed him once.  And he said "Let me do it." And boom!  That was it. He tied his shoes.  Yes, he is 8 years old, but we fly through some of these things so fast compared to raising other children, that it makes my head spin.

The Santa thing is one of those moments.  Last year was his first Christmas with us. He had only been with us about 9 months.  Everything was new.  He was somewhat confused by all of it, but still loved it.  Of course we focused on the fact that it was Jesus' Birthday.  But, with our culture and the movies we love, Santa Claus entered the scene.  I hesitated to make a big deal about Santa Claus because of the Trust we have wanted to build with him.  We often say "You can Trust us, we will never Lie to you!".  Well, the reality is....
Santa Claus is one Jolly Elf of a Lie!
He bought the fun and games of the "myth" (is it ok to call a lie a myth?).  He loved it.  He watched movies about it, we saw "Santa's" at stores, etc.  Logically speaking he could have figured it all out last year, but his logic circuits really weren't quite firing properly yet.

Last night as we were going to bed somehow we got onto the topic of Jesus and Santa.  He saw an old antique German Bible I have from my Great Uncle.  It has a thick heavy cover on it and the pages look old and fragile.  He said that it was "Santa's book".  I think he remembers a book like that from the movie Elf.  I told him that it was not Santa's book it was a Bible...Jesus' book.
 He assumed they were one in the same.  Uh oh!
The discussion evolved into..."but who put the presents under the tree last year?"  My answer? "Who do you think?"  He was not satisfied.  Time to call in daddy for backup...

So, Peter and I sat on our bed and carefully navigated the Santa Myth.
We tried to leave room for an open ended discussion in case he still wanted to believe.
But, he looked us in the eye and said,
"You promised you would never lie to me!"
"Tell me the truth!"

We have always promised our kids we would be honest and truthful with us.  With Lucas we really have to be exceptionally careful to not do anything that will destroy Trust.

Peter was awesome and explained the story of the "real" St. Nicholas.  And that the story of Santa Claus comes from his life story and it has changed over the years.

Lucas had been confused that somehow Santa Claus and Jesus were one in the same.
Shaking my head here...It's that moment when you question these traditions and feel compelled to share the truth.

In the end, gentle tears flowed down his face.  So heartbreaking.
He still isn't quite sure how the presents got under the tree while we were at church!
We told him some things have to remain a mystery and surprise.  =)
So we left it at that and we will see what happens as we enter into the Christmas Season this year.

So just like everything else with Lucas.  We've plowed through another stage of learning and development that every kid has to go through at rapid fire.  We had the Santa myth for One Year!

Although we did tell him that he should not tell Isaac (age 17 1/2) because we don't want to ruin the surprise for him...
We will see if he can keep the secret!

Apparently not telling Isaac was too much of a burden so he spilled the beans today.  Isaac cried out in shock and dismay.  Lucas told him "I's sad"...and tried to reassure him and sort of scolded me for not telling Isaac the truth all these years.  =) precious boy.

Update 2
Nov. 19, 2012
Apparently, Lucas has decided that the Jolly Elf is indeed real and he ain't buying it any other way.  Reminds me of Isaac and his coping with this same issue.  Even though logic "should" win out. Most kids just want to "believe".  Don't we all???? =)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

"Get Worship in Your Atmosphere"--Louie Giglio

Once again the series we have been in at church has been phenomenal.  The title has been "Believe" but Louie has shared some very intimate details about dealing with anxiety several years ago and how he still battles it.
There is no way to adequately recap it, but a few of the key take aways from last week were
"replacing fear with faith"
"remembering is believing"
"believing is remembering"

During his journey a little song kept running through his mind in the middle of the night that went something like this...
"Be still my soul, there is a healer, His love is deeper than the sea, His mercy is unfailing, His love a fortress for the weak..."
If you are familiar at all with the Christian Music scene this is a line from an award winning song that Chris Tomlin sings called "I Lift My Hands"

What I didn't know about this song, was it originated out of Louie's struggle with anxiety.  
During his message he emphasized the power of Praise and Worship. 
"Worship is our weapon of choice against the lies of the evil one".
"There is no question Jesus is Lord in the dark places.  Jesus always wins against the power of darkness."
He spoke about how all of us have something to remember.  

2 Chronicles 20:12 "...For we have no power to face this vast army that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you"

Instead of looking at the vast army we should look up to Him.
Sing Praise to Him as we go into battle
"Give Thanks to the Lord, for His Love endures forever!"
Worship shuts down the lies.
Invites God's presence into the darkness.
"What people need most is the presence fo God in our midst"
and he comes when we Praise Him.
Psm. 22:3
"Yet you are enthroned as the Holy One; you are the praise of Israel"
but this can also be read:
"Yet you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel"
God is enthroned on the promises.
It is a miracle everytime he carries us through the darkness.
"Worship displaces darkness"
Isaiah 61
one of my favorite passages of scripture
When the darkness comes we should take up the "garment of praise"
"Worship gives us a new narrative. and puts new words in our mouth."
Psm 42

"There is a time and place to start preaching to yourself and not only to others.  God gives us the ability to inform ourselves about Him...We should step up and take the weapon of Praise"

"Get Worship in your atmosphere!"

All of this to say...I have a renewed vigilence to praise and worship and pray for people in my household.  I hesitate a little to talk about it on a blog tho because it sort of is a personal thing and not meant to be an announcement to the world.  My "work" of sitting and praising isn't going to change anything.  It is totally the work of the Holy Spirit in the moment.  My only job is to be obedient to what He has called me to and wait on Him for the rest.  I'm very humbled to sit at the door of my son's bedroom in the morning listening to God's Praises and listening to what He has in mind for prayer.  
He has been pouring out so much.  

Here is a playlist of things God has been showing me:
"Overcome"  Jeremy Camp
"I Lift My Hands" Chris Tomlin
"Mighty To Save" Laura Story
"Always"-Kritian Stanfill
"As the Deer"-
"I Stand in Awe of You"

I think I'm going to start sharing more about how God is speaking during these days...
These are trying days dealing with some real battles in our household.  
But, with Praise---We Will Overcome!
Worship and Praise will be in our Atmosphere!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"That's not a Happy Meal...That's a Sad Meal"

So the other day, Lucas and I went through the drive thru at McDonald's for ice cream.  He saw they have a Scooby Doo toy right now and he wanted it.  I said "not today" because we were getting ice cream and it was 7:30 at night and he hates hamburgers.  He said he would eat it sometime if we got it, but seriously I don't believe it.  I have yet to see the child eat a whole hamburger in a bun.

Tonight we did the same thing.  As we drove through the drive thru he asked for a McFlurry this time--ok.  Then he quickly added "and french fries".  When we got the food he was disappointed that he didn't get a toy.
I said, "It comes with the Happy Meal remember?"
 "That's a hamburger and french fries."

He said "THAT's not a Happy Meal."
"That's a SAD Meal"
"A Happy Meal is ice cream and french fries"
(he thinks he deserves a toy -- afterall his idea is so much better than theirs--)
"One day I'm gonna go by that restaurant and get a Scooby Doo toy"

I completely cracked up!

He is totally right...I have to agree.  A "Happy Meal" is not exactly "Happy".  Nor is it really "food".

I think McDonald's should listen to him and create a new "Happy Meal"....
A McFlurry and frenchfries.

What do you think?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lucas Baseball Video 10/13/12

Just a quick video of Lucas playing T-ball and hitting the ball--running 2 bases--and then bringing it home after his buddy Grant hit the ball.  Sooooo proud of our boy!!!

I was thinking about this video after I posted the video last night and wanted to add to it.
When I watch Tball I think about these things...

What I see:
On one hand I just see our boy...I see his determination.  I see his love for baseball.  I see his skill level and how it is improving so rapidly just as any other parent would see their child on a team.

On the other hand I see where he has come in the past year and a half.  I see a boy who has changed so much and grown so much both physically and emotionally.  He never could have played baseball last Fall.  Not only because he was in casts from his surgery, but, also emotionally.  He wasn't "there" yet.  He would have been all over the field and not listening, confused, perhaps throwing tantrums, etc.  Now he listens to his coach, checks in that he is standing in the right place, waits patiently (well not always) for the next thing to happen, and is a great teammate.  Lately, he has taken it another step and been trying to help the youngest player on our team who has been struggling with hitting, running, and focusing.  Perhaps I should mention this boy happens to be the coaches son.  This boy has been in tears several times.  He is very young (age 4 I think).  Lucas puts his arm around him and tells him, "You can do it, bud."  Sometimes I just shake my head in awe. If only that young boy knew what Lucas meant by those words and what he has overcome.

What other parents see:
Another kid on the field playing baseball.  A pretty good hitter.  Probably the "average" player, maybe slightly above average (oops maybe that was "me" seeing that).  They have no idea that there is anything "different" about him because he wears long pants.  Although when he runs it does look a little funky.  But, overall, he does everything he is suppose to do.  I kind of like that because it evens out the playing field in many ways.

What I don't see that maybe I should:
So, while I'm watching the game and I see certain kids on the field with varying degrees of baseball prowess, I wonder what I am not seeing in these kids that I should open my eyes to see.  Some of them are really great players and I wonder if they are going to be the next high school star.  But, sometimes it looks like kids are out there that really don't desire to be there.  They have no real drive in them to hit the ball or to run.  They seem almost lethargic, or indifferent.  It almost appears as if mom and dad force them to be there.  But, maybe I need to open my eyes and see how each kiddo out there comes with a story.  So, eventhough I'm not suppose to, I find myself cheering for the other team sometimes because they hit the ball or make a great play.  oops!  I do like that we are on a team that has only lost one game and I am very proud of them for it.  But, I just can't help to see each child and wonder:

"What is your story?" "What have you overcome?" or "What do you need to learn from baseball?"

I like the fact that most people do not know there is anything different about Lucas when he is out there on the field and that he can hold his own and succeed!  Thank you Jesus for all you have done in our boy!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Yesterday, I waved goodbye to both of my boys as they headed off together on a Man-Venture.  Isaac got his driver's license last week and invited Lucas to go out to lunch and for a little adventure together. I'm not sure why but it just made me smile to see Isaac willnig to take his brother and be responsible for him "out in the world".  Lucas was very excited to go.  
They ended up just going to ChickFila and running an errand or two.  But it was still fun for both of them.  
Isn't that sweet??? read on...
(Isaac is in the driver's seat, Lucas in the back-although I'm sure Lucas would have preferred to be in the driver's seat)

So, when they got home Lucas was a little edgy because of a few things that happened but overall it was good.
Then Isaac proceeds to tell me that as soon as they got into the car, 
Lucas told Isaac he wanted some "smokes".  
Yes, I said "Smokes" (ie cigarrettes).
Isaac does not smoke
WE do not smoke
(please be laughing with me here)
WHAT was he thinking?
Isaac kept saying "no... I'm not buying you cigarettes"
These are the moments when we just wonder what life was like in China for this boy. 
 There are A LOT of smokers in China.  
It's actually kind of oppressive in restaurants sometimes.  
So, I wonder what kind of exposure he had to it.

Peter and I were laughing about it last night and just shaking our heads.

So, there ya have the 1st Manventure.
Isaac says he wants to do it some more, so stay tuned for more fun!
but we have made a "no buying cigarettes rule"  lol

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Connecting with Lucas

I have a lot on my mind.  Like many people the cares of this world can seem overwhelming at times.  I haven't written much about anything other than baseball and firetrucks lately because life is well...interesting.

First, Lucas is responding very well to the changes we are implementing here since we went to Empowered to Connect.  I can't say enough about how great that was and has been.  Some of the things you may hear more often now around our house....

"Investment Parenting"
"We stick together" (especially out in public, etc)
"Use your words"
"Look at my eyes"
"Let's try a do-over"
"Say it again with respect"
"We do not hurt one another in this family"
"Can you regulate yourself or do you need my help?"
"mommy may I have a compromise?"

You will hear less yelling from the mommy and daddy.  You will see our attempts at "being present" more (hopefully).  There's an attitude of "connecting" instead of "punishing".  
There are still conflicts but Lucas is learning how to "breathe" and "regulate".

Overall, it is very time consuming--thus "investment parenting".  However, we are seeing changes.  And that is good.  

Friday, October 5, 2012

Firestation 5

Off to visit another firestation today.  
Station 5.
Apparently we are creating more competition. Again, we explained that we were visiting all the stations.  These guys really want to be classified as the "coolest" station in Gwinnett County. 
So they pulled out all the stops.

This is a thermal imaging camera for looking at fires behind walls, even searching for people if necessary.  He let Lucas try it out.  Very cool.

 This firetruck is only 2 years old and costs $1.3 Million dollars.  That's a serious piece of equipment.  It is a ladder truck with a bucket and everything.
 Lucas got to put on an air tank...and realized how heavy it really was.
 This is the same ladder that station 3 showed us except here it is folded up...very convenient for tight spaces.
 Here is a stretcher attached to the bucket of the truck so patients can be lifted/carried.

 and then...out came the coolest remote control EVER!  Yes, this remote is for the firetruck.  And YES Lucas is operating it!!!
 These water "cannons" -(that's what I call them) can be controlled by the RC.  Lucas got to move the head of the hose around for a while with the remote.

 and then up into the bucket of the ladder...

 That would be Fireman Scottie.
 You can never have enough emergency cones.
 More RC "fun"...

 We learned that they have huge fans they actually use for fire fighting.  I didn't realize this but it makes sense.  The fans are used in conjunction with hoses in order to control the direction of a fire.  Of course too much fan would just "fan the flames", but there is a fine balance where they are very useful for battling the blaze.

 Then more "coolness"... Lucas inside the truck and able to talk on the headset to Fireman Scottie.

 Notice Scottie chatting on his own headset in the backround. I'm not sure who had more fun...

 The coolness factor just kept increasing...Fireman Scottie and his buddy Josh got permission for Lucas to pull and turn dials and nobs on the big Firetruck to really pump water to a small hose that he could here he is with Josh...

 and we have water....

 time to spray the hose...

 time to shut down the water...
 and reel up the hose...

 could the day get any cooler?...
oh yes.
When Josh said under his breath..."We're gonna set the record"...
They pulled out the BIG Ladder truck...
Let LUCAS sit in the passenger seat, with the headset on his head, pulling ropes and setting off sirens, horns, lights, and the whole works as Scottie drove him around the parking lot.  No JOKE!  I got to sit in the back seat for our little cruise adventure with another headset and the 3 of us communicated like "real" firemen.  Lucas said "over and out" and Scottie responded back.  I was cracking up in the backseat because I could see the joy in the boy and it just tickled me for him.

 my veiw from the backseat...

 eventually the day has to come to a close...
 Thanks guys of Firestation 5.  You were awesome!!!
Josh, Dean, Lucas, Scottie, Lieutenant Michael.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Firestation 4

We visited Station 4 on Sept 28.
The Captain at this station made our visit very interesting.  He kind of hassled his guys about their knowledge of how much hose is on their trucks/engines...poor guys...=)  a few of them knew the answers but some didn't. He was funny though.  He has been a firefighter for 24 years.  
This was the first Fire Truck (with a ladder) that we have seen.  We learned that when they get a call, the Captain rides in the passenger seat of the Fire TRUCK and the Lieutenant of that particular station rides in the Fire ENGINE (unless for some reason one or the other is not available then it becomes others)

 Med unit 4...Lucas got to sit in the seat in the back briefly to see what the paramedic sees.
 Truck 4

 One of the temporary engines in the county...but Sir Lucas got to spray the hose for a few moments.

 Thanks guys...
Clay, Justin, Dustin, Lucas, Captain Glenn, and Vee

The Captain was very helpful and answered lots of questions and gave Lucas lots of information about being a fireman.  He took a lot of time with us and was very fun.

After I was done taking this picture (below), I said to the Captain..."Lucas always wants to know why the firetrucks never get a Call while we are at the station.  One day he would LOVE to see you get a call while we are here..." and Just like I had scripted it, a moment later--I mean just a moment...BIng Bong Boong..."Engine 4, Med 4..." Got a CALL....We popped open the video camera for that one and video taped them sirens blazing as they headed off to their emergency.  That was SOOO cool for Lucas to see.  Then he asked if I could do that again next time.  uh hum...I don't think so...=)

 A boy and A Fire Captain...
so much information
so little time.

Thanks guys of Station 4.  You were lots of fun and as we left I asked Lucas what he liked about the station and he said, "He was a very kind man.  I loved him too."...=)
oh and for those that are interested....
The Ladder truck holds less water than the Pumper truck (engine)
Ladder=300 gallons
Pumper=500 gallons
The Ladder stretches out to 95 feet and there is 600 feet of supply hose on the ladder truck.
The Engine has 1,000 feet of Supply hose.
Supply hose is just the hose that goes from the hydrant to the truck. (5" diameter)---
Who on this earth ever thought I would be giving you detailed information on hoses from a firetruck?