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My Family
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Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29-A Tender Day

A tender day in the Jundt household
A tender day to remember
A tender day for a few tears

7 years ago today our sweet Jacob Georg Jundt went to be with Jesus at the precious age of 6 years 3 months and 6 days.

My sweet sister, brother-in-law, and mom sent us flowers today "remembering" with us.  I know others are remembering too, as we have had comments throughout the day.  Thank you.

Our wild and crazy boy will always hold a tender place in all of our hearts.  And I CANNOT wait to see him again in heaven along with his brothers Ben and Sam.

I know that in and through all of these years, God has been glorified.  Many days have been tough, many days I have struggled through to just breathe.  But, I cannot imagine getting to this place in life--a place of allowing myself to love again--without the tender mercy of my God.  I am thankful for the intricate way God weaves families together.  Pain, mingled with joy, mingled with questions and sometimes few answers.  But, God remains at the helm--in Control of it all.

One of my favorite songs that holds such sweet memories of worship as we journeyed with Jacob is so well depicted in this video.  I LOVE this video.  Please take time to watch and let God speak through it.

 Many of you walked the Jacob journey with us and we remain so grateful and will never forget the way you became the hands and feet of Christ in all of that.

One sweet memory around that time was "dandelions".  As Wisconsin weather and growing season would have it, dandelions typically come up around April 29- early May every year.  Here in Georgia it is earlier.  But, the year before Jacob died he picked me the biggest bouquet of dandelions and handed them to me with his mostly bald little head.  I LOVED that bouquet and will always treasure that memory.  When he died in 2004, our backyard was flooded with dandelions---never could really afford that weed killer I guess.  But, as I looked across that sea of yellow, I saw all the prayers that people were praying for us.  I knew a sweet peace that was undescribable.  I saw my boy handing me that sweet bouquet and forever will remember and smile at those goofy little yellow flowers that some call "weeds".

Jacob was a young man with a Huge heart for helping and loved on his friends in amazing ways.  He was also very stubborn and a "my way or the highway" kind of guy.  Isaac and I were talking about him today, and he too recalls sweet memories of his brother.  He too is feeling tender feelings today as we remember together that boy that impacted all of our lives.

So today we remember
We love
We cherish
We look to the future with gratitude for a Savior who give Eternal Life and Hope.
Someday.......we will meet again you goof ball.

I love you,

乐趣----LeQu (Lue e che)

So, today our boy had a complete BLAST with some friends at the park.  We were talking about it after he got home and I translated the word for "fun" and this is what came up-----


sounds like Lue e che--hard to translate , but it almost sounds like "Lucas" (with a few extra syllables) and he repeated his name "Lu-a-cas" when I had Google verbally translate it.

Conclusion?  I think he thinks his name means "Fun"....

Very funny and sweet.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who Taught Him How To Say "No"?

More language development yesterday...the word "no"....up to this point believe it or not he would only say the chinese version of "no", of which there are a few depending on the circumstance.  I probably let him get away with saying it more than I should just because it's unfamilar to me.  But, yesterday we were in the car a lot taking grandma to the airport, stopping at Ikea (where he at all my meatballs by the way), picking up Isaac, etc.  And at some point he started practicing "NO"... It wasn't a defiance thing, but ooo la la la....I think he's gonna be practicing it and now I'm gonna need to be on my toes as he realizes even more how important obedience is.

Last night he also made the connection that my name is "Heidi".  He thought that was hysterical.  And he was running around shouting for me in my name.  Goof ball!

We've also gotten into a not-so-good habit of taking a bath at night and then eating something while watching a part of a movie.  I'm not sure when that happened.  But a few days ago.  Needs to stop because I like the bath, then bed routine.  But, he Loves AirBud movies.  If you have ever seen AirBud it's about a Golden Retriever that plays basketball or soccer, etc.  Well, we only have 2 of them so it gets old after a while.  But, he has been digging through our other movies as well.  Some appropriate for his age and some more for older kids or adults.  He found our Louie Giglio DVD's How Great Is Our God and Indescribable.  These are ONE HOUR long sermons.  That's it!  We love them, but think it is hysterical that he recognizes our pastor from church and puts in these sermons.  He really does not understand the  language that much (at least we don't think he does), but Louie's style and God's work through him must be so intriguing to him.  So last night was the  How Great Is Our God sermon!  Too funny!  If you've never heard these two sermons they are AMAZING!  about God's intricate design of the universe with details of the size of heavenly bodies and also the tiny cell adhesion molecule laminin.  HIGHLY recommend them.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Flowers and Fountains

Today, Grandma, Lucas and I went to the Botanical Gardens and Isaac joined us in playing in a fountain at the Mall.  Just sayin' the pictures will tell....I wish you could hear the giggles and squeals when Lucas and Isaac played in the fountain.  Listen closely, you may just hear it.

Lucas decided to join in the photography -  taking pictures of mom and me 
a self portrait:

and then there was the fountain....

Did you hear the squeals????/

"I'm Sorry Mommy"

We've had some small discipline issues, which is to be expected.  However we've also had 2 rather "large" explosions that we've needed to discipline more strongly.  The last incident was a few days ago and it was much different than the first.  I tried to give Mr. Lucas some "tools" in his "toolbox" so that he could apologize and show me he was sorry.  So both times I told him "you need to say 'I'm sorry mommy'".  Laying those to incidents aside and learning from both of them, today we were at the Botanical Garden with grandma and he whipped an empty water bottle into a pond.  It was too far for us to grab.  I told him we don't do that and that was not a nice thing to do, etc.  I could see those little gears turning in his precious head, and out of his language resources without ANY coaching whatsoever, he looked me flat in the eye and said "I'm sorry mommy".  I completely melted.  We told the gardeners and before we left they grabbed it out with a rake.  Lucas was happy it got resolved.  I told him "I forgive you Lucas".  It was just a precious moment.  And even though he doesn't have a lot of words to express himself yet, I thought this was HUGE!
Just wanted to share a "mommy moment" brought to you by Lucas SunWan.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Blessings- brought to you by the Holy Spirit

Easter actually began on Good Friday, appropriately so.  Peter is in the choir at our church so he was a part of the services for both Friday and Sunday.  Since Friday was more of a "concert" of contemplation and Praise with Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin, etc.  It did go about 3 hours.  It was outside in an amphitheater with 12,000 other people.  In some ways that was good, because it allowed for freedom of movement for the young man.  And also, as a venue like that would have it, there was popcorn for sale.  Seems a tad odd to have popcorn during a worship service, but there ya go.  It was great "entertainment" and kept us there longer than I expected.  We made it about 2 1/4 hours.  It was a tad chilly in the 50's so that made it a bit tough and is probably the reason we left in addition to it being 9:45 pm.  We were not as well prepared for that as we should have been.  But, read on.

Having said all of that, I really think we did well.  We all were able to lift our voices in Praise during such a sacred day in our year.  Celebrating all Jesus did for us in going to that cross and taking on the burden of our sin.  It just overwhelms me everytime I think about it.  During the service, as an expression of our praise we tend to move a little, dance a little, raise hands, clap, or whatever the Sprit leads us to do.  Lucas has been at 2 other services with us and is moved and drawn in by the music.  He LOVES it!  (so do we).

It is hard to explain to him what is going on and who this "Jesus" is.  Who is "God"?  How do you cross a language barrier with a concept of something/someone who created the World and Loves you so much to lay it all down at the cross and forgive you for all your sin?  I cannot begin to use a translator to try to figure that out.  So, I used the best "Translator" I could---the Holy Sprit through prayer.  As the service began, I began to pray for a Supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit to come upon this boy.  I pray this for Isaac regularly in Worship too.  But, in this case, I do not have any words to adequately explain something he has absolutely no reference point for.  However, the Holy Spirit, DOES have Lucas's "language"....isn't that COOL?...HE can speak directly to Lucas's heart, even if I cannot.  There is nothing in this that I could manufacture.  I can train him and guide him, but it is ALL the Holy Spirit's work that is going to minister to him.
Acts 2 talks about how the Holy Spirit came to the people at Pentecost and spoke to them even though they spoke with different languages:

1 When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. 2 Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. 3 They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. 4 All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues[a] as the Spirit enabled them.

(these "tongues" were different languages.  The Holy Spirit came and spoke to these people in their native tongue so that they could understand Him and they in turn could share with others in their languages.  Isn't that COOL?)

and in Eph. 2:8-9 it says

8 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— 9not by works, so that no one can boast. 10 For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. 

Lest anyone believe that WE are the translators for God's message, HA!  It is the Holy Spirit.  This all became so real as I struggle to find words to explain God to Lucas.

ok, so, what did that look like for Lucas on Good Friday and Easter?  I prayed for him that the Holy Spirit would overcome him.  The Spirit was speaking to him through the music and even the preaching.  He sat and listened. (to most of it)  It was amazing to watch.  My mom was there and was stunned to see it too.  On Good Friday we stayed through the song Grace Flows Down...listen and imagine a little boy with his hands raised in praise to Jesus....

Easter Sunday he also did the same thing and listened to the message.  It was such a blessing.  
Chris sang I Lift My Hands:

I LOVE the reminder of GOD'S FAITHFULNESS...His sweet little hands were once again raised in Praise.  How amazing that the Lord would allow for such tender worship in this little man.  

When PCC gets the sermon up online I will post it here--it was wonderful to hear again the eyewitness accounts of those who were there at the Tomb from John 20.  And to worship the God of the Universe who created the music in the heavens and on the earth: 
Psm. 69:34
34 Let heaven and earth praise him,
   the seas and all that move in them

Do I believe the Holy Spirit has the kind of Power to speak to a boy in his own language?  Yep I do.  Do I believe he was really worshiping?  Yep I do.  Do I believe God is Faithful and will continue to do His work in this young man?  Yep I do.  

Welcome to a daily life of Easter....That's what it's all about!  The Power of God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ.  And the Holy Spirit left behind to beckon God on our behalf.  mmm mmm good stuff.

Pics of the other "Fun" of Easter to follow...

So is it wrong that he ate over a dozen PEEPS on Easter?---some of them before church???

Peter Grilling Marinated Portabello Mushroom/Vegetable Sandwiches

And then there was the water fight.............

Something seems unmatched about this water fight....just sayin'

I don't think Peter was too happy when I said outloud "you don't even look wet" and Isaac hit him with the hose....

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blog Housekeeping

I've been told by several people that they are having a hard time accessing the blog because their subscription (?) has expired.  I think it is best if you don't use the link in the emails anymore as those probably had an expiration.  The blog should be open to the general public now just by typing in  We just didn't want creepers we didn't know on the blog while we were in China.  Now I guess we don't mind creepers...that's a bit disturbing.  But, if you know anyone that is struggling with it, just let me know.  I would like to know if it is not open, because I have made my "permissions" settings to allow anyone.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bread Baking with Boopski

Recall the title of this Blog...
Bread and Other Provisions

Going back to the first post, you may recall the story of baking bread at my house.  I won't repeat all of it (check out the first posts) but let it be said today was such a tender moment and will become a sweet memory for me.

Boopski (Lucas) and I embarked on a bread baking adventure.  I know from experience that he LOVES to help in the kitchen.  He has helped me cook and also clean up.  Sometimes "help" is a misnomer, but that's another story...

Since I bake most of my bread by grinding my own wheat and grains it is a little more involved than some other bread baking may be, but I know it is a healthy alternative and I love doing it.  It is a hobby of sorts.

Here is a partial chronology of our adventures in photographs.

just to prove we do start with the whole grain

and the mixing begins

sometimes baking with boopski is messy

but I enjoy sharing my love of creating yummy bread with Lucas

ok, he isn't perfect---it seems tossing the cleaned up mess onto the floor is acceptable

and the forming of the loaves begins

he is also a pretty good photographer, I must say....

my mom was watching this "creative" process and helping to record it with pics

first we roll the dough
then comes the fun part
we fold it up,
 and pick it up
 and toss it on the counter to pop any air bubbles.
He watched all of this ONCE and had it down pat!

more cleaning up

let it rise
ta da...about 2 hours from start to finish
4 loaves of freshly baked bread!

There is something inate in his little personality that seemed to just thrive in this baking environment.  I know some kids are wired for such things and others are not.  Jacob LOVED it, Isaac not so much.  He just never really had a huge interest in working in the kitchen.  Not bad, just not his personality.  
A few things really took me off guard today.  
One being the intense passion he had for helping every step of the way without waivering.  I didn't know if he would stick with it.  Another thing was how quickly he learned what to do.  I formed ONE loaf and the rest he did himself.  And finally this one almost took my breath away:
After it was all baked, he kept trying to tell me something.  Of course the language barrier can be frustrating at a moment like this.  But I got a few words and realize he was talking about our friends.  He could see that we had FOUR loaves of bread.  Out of the blue he said he wanted to be sure to share some of this bread with our friends. 
In my first posts I mentioned how I always give away at least one loaf of bread as sort of an "offering" because when I got my bread making equipment back in 2004, Jacob was dying.  And he did not have the energy to help.  I was hoping he would enjoy helping me bake because he was such a chef.  He just did not have the energy by the time the equipment arrived.  Since he had such a generous heart, I made a sort of vow that I would always give away at least one loaf of bread everytime I baked bread in honor of Jacob and his sweet heart of generosity.
It is uncanny how Lucas was so insistent that we share some of this with our friends.  How do I begin to explain that?
A friend of mine mentioned a while back the words Restoration and Redemption.  I cannot even believe how the Lord is orchestrating such details in our lives.  He is restoring things I thought were long since gone. 
The Lord is certainly offering Provisions we never could have asked for or imagined before we ever met this boy.  All we did was step out in Faith.  We had no clue...really we are not that smart.   We could not have taken all these ingredients and baked Bread without the hand of Jesus kneeding us and molding us and His Provision.  It blows me away actually.

and to end the day...and this post....a sweet picture of grandma and Lucas: