My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Their Spiritual Journey has begun

Today was one of those days that could not have been orchestrated by man if we had tried.

Taking a step back...
We've been home with Emma and Fei Fei one month today.

2 days after they arrived in the States, we went to church for the first time.  When the music started they jumped and then giggled.  We tried to explain some of the words to the music, but they were still so overwhelmed.  We go to a loud, unashamed church, Passion City, that is reaching the world for Jesus.

The next week they were excited to go, and we kept them with us in church again.  And the same last week.  But, they were getting quite comfortable and basically slept through the entire gathering. I can't say that I blame them.  If I didn't understand the language I'd probably do the same thing.  

So this week we put them into what our church calls "Passion Kids" -- (in another church this may be referred to as Sunday School--but it looks quite different at our church.  Each grade has tents for boys and girls and that is where they gather.)  Last week I had told one of the teachers they would be coming today to give them a bit of a head's up.

But, I had no idea what to expect for them today.

As I was signing them in, the wife of one of the teacher's handed me a children's story Bible she had purchased for our kids--in both languages.  Each page has Chinese as well as English on it, so we can read it both ways.  I thought that was amazing.  If God had stopped there, I would have walked away amazed by this thoughtful gift.

When I came back to pick them up, they were siting at a picnic table chatting with the teacher in CHINESE!  And there was a special ed teacher there as well just in case they needed that type of assistance.  Then we were approached by other teachers and assistants and the director of the program.  All of them were so blown away by the kids and their story that they offered to help in any way that they can.  Every week they will give them something translated into Chinese so the kids can understand for now what is going on.  Yes, eventually it will need to be in English.  But, seriously, what better way to begin to teach them about Faith and Jesus, than to teach it to them in their native tongue first?  When their English improves, they won't have to be so confused by the terms we use.  

It was one of those overwhelming kind of days where we were bombarded by God's hand in the details.  These are not things I could have orchestrated if I had wanted to.  And such an essential part of their spiritual growth is already beginning.

As I walked away in awe, I realized God was intricately knitting things together.  Out of obedience and privilege we stepped out to bring our kids home.  But, it doesn't end there.  Their story is still blowing up hearts. And these people at our church are serving "the nations" right inside their own "tents" in our church.  They are bringing God's Word---translated into another language right to our kids. We brought the kids to them, and they in turn are in tune to what God wants them to do next.  

And this is only a tiny tiny tiny part of the big picture.  I really have no idea all the things that happened today.  We heard other teachers were in tears over their story.  

I have to just sit down at the end of a day where God has allowed for us to participate in His plans and His Will and be in awe.  I swallow hard and think of the impact these kids will have in their young lives.  How could we miss this opportunity?  This privilege?  

To God Be the Glory!
Thank You Door Holders of Passion City Church in Passion Kids
We love you and have been blessed by your Generous Giving of yourselves to our kids