My Family

My Family
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Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas and updates

Aunt Linda came for a week and left on Tuesday.  We miss her already but had tons of fun with her.

We have some big changes as we say good bye to 2012 and enter into 2013.  Lucas will be entering public school for this next semester as a 2nd grader.  There are several reasons for our decision, but we are excited for him to go and be with a lot of new friends and also get some additional academic help that I can't seem to get past here at home.  I feel like I need to get him over the hump and get him some confidence that he can read and learn.
I met with teachers and other who will be working with him and they were all very kind and seem experienced.  The school system here is very culturally diverse and the teachers also have a lot of experience with ESL kids.  Not that he really has a second language anymore, but they are familiar with the gaps and things that may come up with a child coming from another language and/or culture.

Isaac will remain home schooled for 2nd semester of his senior year and it's going to be an intense semester as we pick up a few loose ends and move forward to get him graduated.  He has been healing from some depression issues last spring and into the summer and Fall.  It has been a very challenging season around here, but can I just say?  It is great to have him back in a healthier place.  We are still working on some things, but oh my.  Life is definitely better.

Peter is doing well over all.  But, finances are very tight. He has 2 interesting opportunities possibly popping up in January.  We do not know how they will land yet, but God is up to something.  So stay tuned and KEEP PRAYING!

And, I'm not sure I should say it publicly but maybe that will be a motivator for me, I'm thinking about finally getting that book written this spring.  While Lucas is in school, Isaac is working hard...I'm thinking now may be the time to FINALLY do it.

I do have to say that God is Providing.  Sometimes I don't understand how or why, but He has definitely seen us through 2012 and the future is looking good.

We will continue to Praise Him for all He has done.

Merry Christmas to All from our House to Yours!

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