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My Family
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Grampart this is Squad 51"

So, if you are old enough to remember the old TV show Emergency you may recognize some of these phrases that are often heard in our house (Along with their interpretations)

We hear a lot of this stuff when playtime is in full swing...

Lucas version:  "Grampart, this is Squad 51, can you read me? negative Grampart, the patient is not feeling good"
Interpretation:  "Rampart" (not Grampart) is the name of the hospital that the paramedics Johnny and Roy call when there is an emergency. He pulls things from what they say and puts them together for whatever the "emergency" may be. They use an old style radio telephone to communicate with the hospital.  Lucas improvises and uses a walkie talkie usually to communicate.

Lucas: "the patient has a heart beep"
Interpretation: "heart beat"

Lucas:  "Her heart attack is 167 over 153"
Interpretation:  I think he means "blood pressure" and it probably is related to a heart attack if it is that high.

Lucas:  "10-4 over and out"
             "This man is freaking out"(that's a Lucasism--nothing to do with Johnny and Roy)
             " What are we gonna do--
                           shock him?"

Interpretation:  none needed

Pics to follow from adventures in "Emergency".

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