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My Family
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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Uno --- a Red Letter Day!

I have to admit, we attempted to play games with Lucas several times and it was so frustrating even 5 months ago, that I just didn't go back to it much.  It's really quite understandable why it would be so frustrating if you are struggling just to understand the world around you, grasp a new language, figure out what "taking turns" means, etc.  It's a lot really.  But, because of the frustration for him and for us and lack of enjoyment in doing it, we have not played a lot of games with him.  Sad to admit.

Recently we started playing Battleship, but even that requires one person to be on the team with him to help him.  He is finally getting the ideas of taking turns, being a good sport when someone else wins, rules of the game and more.  So, things are improving.

Tonight, the 4 of us sat down and dragged out the UNO cards.
Since we haven't played in a while I had no idea what to expect.
But, I was pleasantly surprised!!!
He did GREAT!
He even played his own hand.
And congratulated others for winning some rounds.

He was bordering on "losing it" because he hadn't won a round, until he finally won the last hand.

Wa HOOO!!! Great Job Lucas!!!!

(he told me to write about this so everyone would know he won at Uno and played the game so well.  He wanted his friends and relatives to know all about it!!!---=)

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