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My Family
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Friday, February 8, 2013


Our church is part of a movement that has been bringing awareness to slavery around the world. 
Did you know there are currently 27 Million slaves in the world today?  More than there were at the time slavery was active in the US.  
It's hard to say "our church" is organizing this--it really is a movement started by leadership in our church but in no way is it meant to be "our church" doing this alone.  They don't want to do double duty on what is already going on to address this issue.  So they have partnered with several grass roots organizations that are already doing the work to 
I want to start with this cool video Isaac made last year when he was in highschool.  He wanted to be part of the movement and also had an assignment for one of his classes to make a statement about something for a PSA.
I found it today and wanted to make sure to save it.
I did post it once here when he first made it, but I ran across it today and it brought the cause to mind again.

Here is a link to the facts and all the organizations partnering together to bring awareness as well as give opportunity to do something about this insanity.

It's so easy to brush these things under the carpet when the numbers are so huge and we seem so small and insignificant.  But, if there are 27 Million slaves in the world, then there are 27 Million things we can do.  Even touching the lives of ONE of them is important.

Go here to see more about the END IT MOVEMENT.  And here is another video to shine a light on the issues at hand.

Let's pledge to get educated about it and then bring awareness to it and then to END IT!

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