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My Family
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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Soul Surfer-Lucas's funny comment and blogging???

We watched the movie Soul Surfer last night with Lucas.
We edited the part where the shark actually attacked her and bit her arm off.  But, he saw the rest of it.
As we got to a place in the movie where the actress actually touched her own body where her arm was missing, he kind of freaked out and said,
"Ew, that must have felt weird"
I'm sorry if I'm insensitive, but I kind of had to laugh.
I looked at him and grabbed the bottom of one of his legs (where his feet are missing) and said,
"How is it any different than this?"
He didn't really have an answer for me.

I'm still kind of chuckling.
Sometimes I seriously think he forgets that he does not have feet and cannot see that people may look at  him in that same way and wonder similar things.

He has gotten more sensitive to people asking about it, particularly at the swimming pool or if there is a reason for him to have his prosthetics off in public.  Or even kids just looking at his "hard" legs and asking questions.
He is claiming his story as his "own" now.
In general I don't just blurt out his story to anyone who asks particularly in front of him.  I let him lead.

Which begs the question....
"Should I blog anymore?"
I'm still pondering that one a bit.
I've been given a head's up about it by a few people.  I don't want him to hate this blog as he grows older.  It is truly his story and if he doesn't want it shared...(oh would I be sad) .... I need to be cautious about it.

Now, the reason I do it is for a few reasons:
1.  I want people to see the Glory of God and what he can do to redeem and restore brokenness and reveal his Provision.
2.  I want to be available to those that may want to know more about what it is like to walk this journey of either adoption or raising a child with prosthetics.  Many people have asked to see the blog and posts about his surgery, etc. when they are deciding to adopt or deal with upcoming surgery.  I feel it is necessary to be open and transparent about the ups and downs and sweet healing along the way.
3.  In a way it is a "journal" of sorts for Lucas.  I always made journals for my kids as they were growing up and this is sort of that for him.
4.  It's also not just about Lucas, it's about my life and what God is doing.
5.  I like to write and share what God is placing on my heart and show others I'm just like them and we are all walking this crazy journey together--everyone has a story for His Glory.

So, I will continue to blog.
I'm not 100% sure how often or what it will all be about.  It may have to get tweeked a bit.
But, there are things on the horizon that are blowing up my heart right now, so, hang in there...hopefully soon I will be able to share more.  yikes!

1 comment:

  1. How funny!

    But, I'm right there with you when it comes to blogging. But, I also know that God has used my blog to help some people in a big way. I've gotten so many private emails from people who had a similar story or situation, or even just asked my opinion.

    I doubt we will ever adopt again, so now our blog is about only us and our lives for family that live far away.

    PS I do enjoy keeping up with you and your sweet family. How is everyone, by the way?