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My Family
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

St. Jude and Shriners Hospitals for Children (and Ronald McDonald House)

I don't think about it often enough with gratitude.  Maybe it's because I'm often overwhelmed and there just are not words to say to acknowledge everything these two hospitals and a home have done for our family.  I forget that not every family has been touched like ours has by cirucumstances needing these facilities.

But, today it was brought to my attention.  And I am working on an attitude of gratitude.  So today I just want to say

Shriner's Hospital of Greenville, SC for everything they have done for our sweet boy Lucas.  We look at him each day and he is just "our boy".  We don't really see the fact that when he gets dressed in the morning he has a few extra steps to take care of because he first has to slide his prosthetic legs into his pants and then add an extra pair of socks and slide on a liner, then his legs.  But, this morning I watched him get dressed for school without one word or thought about the fact that he had those extra steps to take.  He just does it.  I am so grateful to Shriners for having helped us take care of our boy and make his life so much better.  He loves the fact that he is taller than he would be without his "legs".  He loves the fact that he has "Five toes".  He rarely if ever complains about any of it.  But, much of that is because Shriners has made it just part of who he is and they treat him with dignity when he goes for his appointments and adjustments, etc.  Thank You Shriner's Hospital for all you do.  Other hospitals would also be great I'm sure, but we have never paid a penny for any of the services they have offered to us.  They are AMAZING!

and also

I remember the 3 months we spent with our dear Jacob in 2003 at 
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN
I won't ever forget all they did to help us do everything we could to assist Jacob (age 5) in his cancer treatments when there was nothing else left to do.  I am SO grateful for all they did when there appeared to be nothing left to do.  They were visibly saddened when they had to send us home with no treatment options left.  But, we knew we had done everything humanly possibly to help our boy.  They are who they say they are.

We were also touched by people at the Ronald McDonald House across the street from St. Jude, where we lived for 3 months.  This video really sums up a lot.

Again, none of these facilities required ONE penny from us.
That alone is overwhelming.
I know the money may seem like a shallow topic to bring up.  But, my reason for doing this post is to bring an awareness to people.  When you see those commercials with those sick and/or sad looking children in them needing help, they are OUR children.  It's all real.  These are not actors.  And nobody thinks it will touch THEIR family. 
Our family is a testimony to the good work all 3 of these facilities offer.  They've brought comfort to us, relief from the financial stress and burden, and also amazing knowledge and wisdom for each situation.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all who donate time, money, or anything else to the work and love that goes into doing what these places do.

To God be the Glory for using them all to Bless others.
From someone who was blessed and continues to be blessed.

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