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My Family
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Our Adoption Stats--

Some people like to know the stats of the adoption process.
Each layer carries with it varying piles of paperwork and time. (can't really begin to calculate the time).  Sometimes it's just a matter of waiting for something to show up and other times it's time filling it out or running around getting things certified, notarized, authenticated, etc.  For those who like the they are....

May 27, 2014 decision is made after over 2 years of prayers and research and more prayers.  
We are adopting QJF and QYM from China.
Spent some time researching Agencies and making decisions about some other details.  Put in our application, began Homestudy process and...

PA on July 8, 2014.  
Sept. 9 I800a and Homestudy sent
11/13/14 I800a approval (last piece sent through Chinese Consulate in Houston directly to Agency) 
11/13/14  DTC 
11/21/14  LID 
12/4/14  OOT 
1/21/15  In Review-
1/27/15  LOA (in China system “soft LOA?”) 
2/3/15   LOA (in hand)
2/4/15  I800 sent 
 2/14)  Receipt Notice dated 2/9/2015  (rec’d hard copy 2/14)

Sent 2nd set of $$ to USCIS didn’t know I needed to send a second check.  
3/11/2015-  1800 approval (verbal) 
—-FINALLY recv’d verbal approval for 1800!!! yay!
3/18/15   GUZ number recd (filled out ap and submitted)
3/19/15   Article 5 Drop off 
4/2/15  Art. 5 Pick up 
4/9/15  TA (soft) 
4/14/15   CA  (for June 2)

Someone asked me how many pieces of paper we have actually touched and "done" in this process.  I can estimate, but there is no way to completely know all of them.  Keep in mind we are adopting TWO kids so some of these items were doubled because of that.  And we haven't been to China yet...


we are at approximately 575 pieces of paper...not including all things we've had to photo copy but including the 2 full Dossiers.  
It's A LOT OF PAPER....let's just say that.  It's a bit hard to fully calculate.  And we have more to do in China--although most of it is done now.  

It is definitely quite a process and not for the faint of heart.  But, God is Faithful.  He carries us through.  

With our CA now determined, we hope to leave May 19.  But, final plans are still in the works.  

This is a bit of a dry post, but those stats are important pieces of information that I wanted to be sure to have centrally located.  

Stay tuned for more "personality" in future posts.  I promise, I'm really not this boring.


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