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My Family
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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Parade (delayed post)

Lucas and I found a great parade in our area on Memorial day.  I think there were over 100 entrants.  And they even threw candy.  yippeee!!!
We got there just a little late so missed the initial fire trucks but saw them as we were parking.  However, Lucas got to sit on the back of a Police pick up truck with the policeman's kids and family.  So he was pretty happy about that.

This picture cracks me up...what kind of face is that?

There were a lot of tractors in this parade and these Farmall Tractors remind me of my Grandpa Tews.  He had one of these when I was little.  I rode on it a lot.  It just reminded me of him.  I miss that farm and all the fun memories there.

The other day he saw flags on crosses lining a downtown area we were driving through and he asked about it.  I explained to him that those were all soldiers that had died in various wars.  He asked who they were, and I began to read names and the wars they died in.

After a while it got quite quiet in the back seat of the car.
His eyes filled with tears and with a choked up voice he said
"that's sad mom"
"all those people died"

He was very moved by the memory of all these people even though he had never met them. Moved to tears.  How often have I been moved to tears seeing those crosses and flags?  I love this boy and his tender heart.  Thanks Lucas for reminding me to Remember....

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