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My Family
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lucas Dreams and Church

Lucas dreams a lot.  And most days he comes to the top of the stairs and I'm sitting in the kitchen and he says,
 "Good Morning mom".
"You know what I dreamed last night?"
I say
"No babe, what did you dream?"
and the story gets told.

I would say for over a year if he dreamt anything about China it was negative.  That makes me sad.  There had to be something good.  Didn't there?  We do feel he was well cared for, but he definitely likes America better and he thinks his entire country is like the experience he had there.  That is unfortunate.
The past few days he has had some very positive dreams about the "aiyi's" there, aunties or caretakers at the orphanage.
Today, he told me he dreamt that he was in China and we were there with him and he told his aiyi's that they were not going to believe this...but He believes in Jesus now.  They were happy for him and told him that THEY believe in Jesus too.  That made him very smiley and happy this morning.  What a sweet dream.

On another note, today he went into "big" church with me for worship time before heading to the kid's area.  It was a baptism Sunday and he was very intrigued by that.  I tried explaining it to him as best I could while the music was playing, but I need to explain it a little more.  The sweetest grin came over his face and he said,
"Can I be baptized?"
 I said we would talk about it some more at home,
but that if he believes in Jesus then "yes".
He was VERY excited about that prospect.  I think it will be a little while before they do it again, but he may be the first in line...=)

It's a strange life in our house though.
I have one child so incredibly eager to be in church and learn about Jesus, singing his praises all day long, and one that doesn't want anything to do with it.
One knows what life was like without God and to live in a Godless country/environment.
And one was raised in the church and had God all his life.  Right now, we can't get him to set foot in church.  He rejects it all.
Not quite sure what to make of that right now, but it is an interesting dichotomy in our house.
One that definitely causes me to shed tears for both of them, tears of joy and tears of sadness all in the same day at the same worship service.

God is Good and Nothing is Impossible With Him!  I will not stop praisn' Him!


  1. My heart goes out to you.
    Praying for spiritual unity and renewal.
    Jesus knows All your boys.

    Love you.

  2. Thanks Debby and to others who have commented elsewhere. God is Faithful to complete His work. i just wish I knew the timing...=) and how to walk the journey well without causing further problems. Sometimes my sarcasm gets the better of me. Working on filling my heart with more of Him so what comes out of my mouth is pleasing.