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My Family
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Saturday, August 10, 2013

@ REI--"that guy is running out the door with a mannequin leg"

Sometimes I'm not quite sure where to start with a story.

Let's just say I did a lot of shopping today because it was "tax free" day in Georgia and all clothing under $100 had no sales tax applied. It's an annual tradition in the state.  And since there is usually sales tax on EVERYthing in this state including food, I took advantage of it to buy things for my family that they have needed for a while.
I came home from Kohl's with a pile of clothes for Isaac and Peter since they both needed some things to go on their trip to Thailand next month.  But, I chose to keep most of what I had for Lucas as Christmas gifts. Needless to say, that may have been a mistake because he got in one of his Funks over it.  By the time he had launched fully into it I couldn't turn back because he was getting kind of ugly about it.  (just a note: we did end up going to ChuckE Cheese later and that made him happy)
I also needed to take both Peter and Isaac to REI - an outfitting store-- to buy some good hiking shoes.  Lucas had to come along.  He was not pleased.  And he made all of us pretty miserable while we shopped.
By the time we were done and standing at the register, I was "done" and so were Isaac and Peter.  We were done with his antics.  I offered to buy him some things, but he wanted a $55 flashlight and was not interested in anything else.  Umm "no".
While Peter and I were checking out, Lucas and Isaac were getting on each other's nerves behind some shelves behind us out of sight.
At one point, I turned around to see Isaac running out the door of the store with Lucas's legs in hand and Lucas tearing off after him footless running and hollering.  He is Fast too.  He is a speed demon even without "legs" on. Recall, Isaac is that 18 year old that looks like a long haired hippie to some (but he is NOT a hippie just to be clear)
I hate to say it, but it didn't really phase me, because that's what Isaac does when Lucas tries to use his legs as weapons--stomping on his feet or kicking with them.  And it HURTS!  So, that was Isaac's solution.  Remove the "weapons" and get out of the store. Although running and yelling probably wasn't the best plan.
When I turned my attention back to the register, I realized the 2 ladies behind the counter were freaking out.  They saw Isaac run out the door. At first I didn't realize they were talking about the situation until I heard one of them say in a panicked voice,
"That guy just ran out the door with a pig".
Ok I misunderstood...but that's what I heard.
insert laugh line here.
I couldn't quite figure it out at first until she called upon another rather large male employee to run after him because they thought something was tragically wrong.

When I finally made the connections, and asked her what she said and realized she was very upset, I found out she thought Isaac had run out the door with the leg to a mannequin.  But she was very confused about "how" and "why".
I misunderstood her initial verbage.
I satarted to laugh and told her,
"no that was just my son running after my other son with his prosthetic legs in hand"...
"sorry, I know it looks strange but he probably was kicking him with it and got himself in trouble..."  and continued to try to explain "us".
The more I talked, the more I realized how strange this whole thing must have sounded to her.
Her brows softened and she relaxed a little bit.
She called off the Store Security guy that was chasing Isaac out the door,
and we eventually all kind of laughed about it.
But, I do wonder what story she is telling her family and friends tonight about what happened at work today.
Lest anyone think we are insensitive or unkind parents or family to our boy, he knows he cannot use his prosthetics as weapons with us and he can completely defend himself with his brother.  Our sibling rivalry may look a little different than most, but it's just the same in many ways.  Even being 9 years apart, they go at each other just like any other brothers may.  And in that respect, we are just like any other average American Family.
 --ok maybe not.  =) But, it is "us".

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  1. Oh, my! I would love to have been there! Hilarious!