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My Family
Summer 2015

Saturday, May 23, 2015

CHINA May 21--Beijing-The Great Wall

Beijing Day 2:
The Great Wall
Last time we were in China, we went to a different section of the Great Wall and we were a bit more rushed because we were with a large group.  This time we were with our guide Susan who was a wealth of fascinating details about the Wall and Chinese History and who let us spend as much time as we wanted.  We were there about 4 hours. And even had a great lunch right at the base of it.

On our way to the Great Wall, Susan asked a funny question in the van.  
"What's the difference between a cable car and gondola?"  
we thought she was just asking a translation question.  
Until we bought tickets and walked up to "this".....
Almost without notification, we were "escorted" onto a 
I thought Lilli was going to pass out.  
She and I were on one lift and Susan and Lucas were on one lift and Peter and Isaac were on another.
It was very funny. 
She kept saying
"Someone needs to tell Susan this is a CHAIR LIFT not a gondola not a cable car"...
it was quite funny
I'm sure she didn't think so...
we did laugh a lot tho

This is a VERY nervous Tante Lilli.  That is an "anxious" smile.

 But alas we made it...
and this particluar section of the Wall is GORGEOUS!
It was a beautiful day.

we climbed A LOT of steps that day...and are still feeling the effects.  But, well worth it!

 Isaac the photographer was taking a few risks while shooting on the wall. One of his parents was encouraging him to go to the top of this section to check it out. One of his parents is a "good parent". The other ... not so much.

The trip down was fun too.  We rode a Tobogan run...wa hooey

 Lilli got caught by a weird Mongolian guy to take a picture.  What we didn't realize until after we took the picture was we were suppose to pay him for it.  (on our own camera)...whatever.
 Lucas teaching Tante Lilli how to use chopsticks.
 Lucas learned how to blow bubbles while in China.  He is very proud.

What a fun day full of adventure and bringing China to life for Lucas.  He has been seeing his homeland in a whole different light and commenting about how much he loves it.  We are happy about that because there was a season when he didn't want anything to do with China.  There is a certain familiarity for him now and he is enjoying it.  Someday I hope we can return and do even more.  This was a wonderful day!


  1. I love this... it's 'almost' like being there with you. How fun for you all. And so very happy for Lucas - enjoying it like he is. Can't wait for Day 3! <3

  2. Love that Lucas is seeing things in a different light! I didn't know your Tante L. was along for the trip, what a huge treat!