My Family

My Family
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 25--Gotcha Day

May 25, 2015
Gotcha Day
We gathered in the lobby of the hotel for well over an hour signing documents that would begin the process of finalizing the adoption.
This was the first day we were able to bring the kids "home" with us to our room.  This was their first night away from all things familiar to them.

The orphanage director, nanny, our guide Sandra and our family including Lilli were all there.
The kids did ok.
They were pretty quiet during the whole process.

I lost count of how many times we had to sign our name to documents.  And they added a new feature this time around with placing a red thumb print on the top of each signature for each parent.

Lucas was the one having a hard time for some reason.  I think he was recalling how hard it was for him on this day when we adopted him and he saw that Emma and Fei Fei were not upset and crying. Was there a jealousy thing about that?  I'm not sure what else it could have been but he was definitely in a funk.  

But, then when it came time to say the final good bye to the director and nanny the tears began to flow.  Fei Fei disappeared away from us and sobbed quietly.  Emma had some tears too.

Lucas's attitude turned on a dime when he saw his friends needed comforting and help in that moment.  He was anxious to show them our room and to comfort them.  His emotions have been all over the board this week.  Ask Lilli, she's been an observer of the crazy.

Glow Sticks were a favorite for Lucas on Gotcha Day so we brought some for them too...
Nerf Guns brought smiles.  And the girl had more bullets than the boys so she was definitely at an advantage.

Backpacks with some goodies brought some smiles.

Not much more happened this day.  It was a big day.  Another emotional day.
Nighttime was when the tears flowed.  Sweet Emma girl wanted that huge window wide open onto the city lights.  The view was much like the view out her window at the orphanage with lights and city below.  So I think that felt familiar.  But, she did sob heavily for quite a while before we could calm her to sleep.  Eventually we figured out, having Lucas sleep in the King size bed with her and me was helpful.  She did want to make sure the alarm clock was set for 6 a.m.  That has been important to her every night.

Fei Fei fed off of her tears for a little while and then Lucas joined in because he felt bad for his 2 friends.  3 sobbing kids.  That was our craziest night and so far things have been better each day.

End of day 1 with our kids in our family forever.

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