My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 26--Adoption Registration Day-It's Official/Swimming

May 26 was our Adoption Registration day.  This is when the official comes and sits and asks us and the kids questions about the adoption including whether or not the kids want to come to America with us.  Fei Fei had some quiet tears and actually left the room at one point.  But, the official made him feel a little more comfortable and after hesitating for a few minutes he went ahead and actually signed the paperwork.  
Emma was quite quiet too but after talking with the official some more, she also signed the paperwork that said indeed she wanted to come to America and be in our family.  
Kids this age can refuse.
And it has happened.
So it's not something to take lightly.  They can simply say "no". 
But, God was good, and both kids were brave.

a hesitation filled Fei Fei's heart as he began to sign documents.  His nanny was close behind him, loving on him and encouraging him.  We were grateful for her.

The director of the orphanage gave us Mongolian outfits for both kids and some journals with some words for the kids from others at the orphanage.  He also gave them QQ numbers to connect with the kids and nannies.  I need to learn more about QQ. (It's a form of a Skype type thing).  They have already done some chatting back and forth. 

another "moment"

the soft spoken nanny gave comfort to the kids while we ran around making sure every T was crossed and every "I" dotted

I think she was reminding Emma how to use QQ

"Do you want to go to America?"
Answer "yes" while we were in bo
Emma's Turn

She didn't really hesitate.

The new part of our family with the director, official, and nanny

Time for lunch.  Lilli and I actually braved it and went to a restaurant alone with the kids and ordered food off the menu.  I think we did pretty darn good..

Some more hand holding...

Fooseball breaks language barriers. .. lot's of giggles

star 1--Joshua (Fei Fei)
second oldest
Lucas the "big" brother in our family but also youngest child.
Emma girl---a bit fiesty, sweet, kind, generous---and a princess.  lol um no.  She took one look at the dresses i brought for her and turned up her nose at them.  oh well...

The kids are officially "ours"...

In the evening we went swimming.
A first for both kids.
Emma kind of looked at me funny when I asked her to put on the suit.  But, she got over it quickly.  Swim caps are required so we all had to wear them. nice.

The kids loved it.  

Good night.


  1. Wow! What an emotional and faith filled journey you all have been on. Thank you for sharing your now and forever family that God has brought together.

    1. I agree with you, Manila!! Been following it and praying over it, cannot wait for the big US reunion with everybody else! :-) Blessings to you as well, Manila!

    2. Me too! Thanks and miss you Lisa. Been on hiatus but see you at PCC soon. Hugs!!!