My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Friday, October 2, 2015

Prayer Warriors Called Into Action - Day 10 (1 week from surgery)

If you want to know why we are praying look HERE

First, I have to tell you what Emma said as I sat next to her tonight on her bed getting ready to put the essential oils on her....

"Mom, Tomorrow, for you."

She wants to give ME a massage with oils tomorrow.
How precious is that?
Talk about God doing miracles and transforming lives. Wow!  I was blown away.
So, tomorrow I may be a big ole' marshmallow and unable to blog at all--stay tuned.

Today as I finally began, I was asking the Lord,
"What do you want me to pray for tonight?"
And almost in an audible voice I "heard",
"Tonight is Peter's night [to pray]"

He isn't in the room when I'm massaging her and therefore isn't praying in that moment because Emma is very modest and her back is exposed.  So, after I was finished, I told him and he said he would see how the Lord leads and we will make another post shortly (or tomorrow) as we hear how the Lord speaks through a daddy's heart for his girl and for the Glory of Jesus.
 I can't 'bout you?

He's my favorite...
Request to follow shortly.
Stay tuned.
 in the meantime pray for him since he will be home with the boys after the initial surgery is done, and I will be with Emma 2 hours away at Shriners.  He will need some prayers for sure.

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