My Family

My Family
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Sunday, February 13, 2011


How is it that after FIVE years of waiting I still feel giddy, and nervous, and surprised, and unprepared for our new son like I did the last weeks of pregnancy with my kids?  I could have given birth to at least 5 children in this time or 2 1/2 elephants or 1,852 mice.  Now that puts it all in perspective.  Who knew I'd give birth to a 7 year old.  =)  and a boy =) at age 45...YIKES!

So yesterday I spent time removing photoalbums from the scrapbooking room and putting all the old childrens books back on the shelf.  Good thing I kept them huh??? Finally, my lack of purging pays off.  YES!

In the meantime I'm stopping by my computer once in a while to try to learn a tad more mandarin.  HA!  My lack of listening skills is rearing it's ugly head.  Visually I am doing much better at looking at the symbols and seeing a connection.  But, hearing it is another issue.  

stay tuned...

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