My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 2-more Guangzhou

Lucas Loved the sandwich meat at the Garden Hotel and would often eat 3 platefuls of it for breakfast.  This morning he added it to soup. yum.
One day I went to get the refill and noticed the sign said "Mushroom Sausage". 
The funny thing is, he had no idea that is what it was called.  
He HATES mushrooms.  
It might benefit you to use those reading skills you have dear son...just sayin'

and then of course 
Noodle Boy--EVERYDAY

We went back to Shaman Island with the whole crew again for the morning.  It was really hot and sticky and the kids practically melted.  But, here are a few more snippets from the day.

Let me introduce you to the world famous Kefelaku Coffee.  
Yes, it's true...
"Cat Poop Coffee"
otherwise known as
I think they also have other kinds but that is what they are famous for and it is ExPENsive!
And the story goes...
There is a wild cat called a civit cat that eats coffee beans and then poops them out and then people clean and roast the beans to make coffee.  
Supposedly it is a delcacy.  
Even my husband who tries everything didn't go there. 

 More of the Gardens and beauty on the Island and just tooling around/shopping...

 Lucas Boy:
life of the party.  bossy. passionate. extremely loving. friendly to anyone. wild and crazy. and very handsome.

Fei Fei.  mr. science and documentary watcher.  rule follower. goof ball. pleasant to be around. happy overall. noodle man. screams like a

Emma: sweet personality. our first girl. emotional at times but very strong physically and super smart.   doesn't like to smile for pictures but beautiful through and through. killer Uno player. Determined. growing more affectionate day by day.
Mr. Personality Plus --again

Tante Lilli and sweet Emma. Everyone was melting in the heat so we went to Starbucks on the Island and Lilli bought the kids their first Starbucks drinks.  Some kind of frappe fruity thing.  They loved it!


 I love this picture because it is a little boy about 2 years old learning how to take pictures with his mom's DSLR.  lol.  Gotta start em young.

Another picture with our favorite shopkeeper Peter.  
He's still our favorite on the island and we'll probably never see him again.

 we had him make us a few more things.

Here's "Mr. Science" ...Fei Fei examining the eels outside the lunch restaurant where we attempted to order food on our own and confused both ourselves and the

 After lunch, Peter took the kids back to the hotel and Lilli and I were on our own.  We decided to go back to the Pearl Market and thought it would be easy to get a Taxi.
Well, it wasn't.
We waited and waited
After we hailed 2 different taxis and they refused to take us, we finally went into a hotel and they told us it's probably because the location was too close and we could walk there.
Well that is cool...
so off we trod..
and trod...
and trod...
in the heat.
on the streets...for probably 2 miles
passing through this section/neighborhood which we thought was cool.  Apparently it is the pharmaceutical district.  Shop after shop of these stores selling roots and mushrooms and all kinds of things in bulk.  If only I knew what to buy to make some healthful concoction.

Then this kind fruit vender who sold me some yummy lychee fruits, posed for the camera.

of course ya gotta love the chicken parts...

Love this picture that Isaac quickly edited for me of our final destination near the Pearl Market.

anybody want some squid on a stick?

 And on to the Pearl Market which is basically a wholesale bead extravaganza of varying types of gems/beads, etc.  shop upon shop upon shop of beads typically sold to the wholesale market.  But, we eeked in and bought our stuff too.
 Each shop was a tiny space just loaded with whatever the specialty beads were.  Everything from Pearls to amethyst to coral to turquoise and more. Some sparkly beads and some was endless.  In fact Lilli and I kind of got lost and started walking in circles through the aisles. At one point Lilli said, "I think we passed that baby already"

Here I had a pearl necklace made for our dear friend Tammy who watched our dogs for 2 1/2 weeks.  Thank you Tammy.  We love you and are eternally grateful for you.

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