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My Family
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Monday, June 8, 2015

June 4--Hong Kong Disney

and we've arrived
Finally the last day of our trip
We didn't tell Lucas until the day before that we were going to HK Disney in case it didn't work out with the kids.  
But, they were doing really well, so we went for it.
Lucas was over the top excited.
But, sometimes when he is that excited he doesn't handle himself well.  He did ok at first and then kind of lost it a few times during the day.  
It is a weird sabotage thing he does when something good is happening.  So we had to work through that a bit. Just bein' real.

It was a HOT and MUGGY day at HK Disney.  I've heard that's the only kind they have, so probably not unusual.  It was a fun day...and here's how it went..

Gege( Isaac) and sweet Emma.  
She was hot a tired right from the start.  So he picked her up and carried her through the long entrance until we got to where we could get her a wheelchair for the day.  She LOVED that.  Both the piggy back ride and the wheelchair.  I think she was relieved to not have to walk all day.

 This Mickey statue floats up and down on the water
which is simply fascinating to 2 boys (and a mom)

My Crazy Crew all in one place
(Lucas, Fei Fei, Emma, Isaac)

Lucas found a way to cool off

and here we go...

  1.  Minnie and Mickey took a stroll right past us as we entered the park

 I do have to say HK Disney has a beautiful setting with mountains and tropical greenery all around.
It is smaller than DisneyWorld for sure, and I've never been to DisneyLand in CA so I don't know how that compares.  Overall it carried the Disney feel, but we felt the service wasn't quite the same as it is in FL esp from wait staff--but that could have been more of a language/cultural barrier too.  Because it was a smaller park it was much more doable in a day.  Although we didn't quite make it to everything.

A little adventure boat ride.

Climbing the treehouse

and then there was lunch...
This was a bit of an adventure in food ordering.  
Emma ordered this...
The picture doesn't quite do it justice, but it was like a large slimy slug.  I thought Lilli was going to puke on the spot.  She was sitting next to her and had to watch her cut it apart and eat it.  She enjoyed it and ate the whole thing.  She invited all of us to try it, but we all made faces so I hope we didn't offend her.  I'm sorry dear one but that thing was really gross.  We think it was a Sea Cucumber.  But, we are not exactly sure.

a little car driving adventure.

a photo op with Buzz Lightyear

I post this one because my dear darling sister in law, Lilli,  bought it after I went on the Space Mountain ride.  It's been a while since I've been on a roller coaster.  I know it's a relatively tame one, but I could not stop screaming.  I really don't know why, but I emptied my lungs at every turn.  And apparently, my husband thought it was completely and totally hysterical.  He could not stop laughing at me.  
Nice guy.
The kids loved it.  Emma is the little peanut next to Isaac.

some sweet and funny faces

and my handsome big boy

and of course the characters

 Gotta do the Merry Go Round

As we finished off the day, we got to see the park parade.

And we topped off the night with a visit to It's a Small World.  This was a tender way to end the day. I remember it being my mother in law's favorite ride at Disney.  Her name is Emma and she is who our Emma is named after.  Since she is ailing right now it was a sweet way to remember her and bring back some sweet memories of the past.  Lilli and I both had tears in our eyes I think.

Shopping and then Fireworks ended the night.  We were sweaty, wiped out and ready for bed.

Good night Mickey

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