My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Sunday, June 7, 2015

May 31--Guangzhou Pearl Market, Chops, a rainy muggy day, Peter's Shop, and Gifts from Tante Lilli

We found another Pearl Market in GZ with our guide.  It actually was more like a huge mall with a floor of pearls, and other gemstones, etc that are typically sold wholesale in large quantities.  We were able to find some nice things.  Lilli makes jewelry so she was familiar with some of the offerings.  I felt kind of lost looking at it all. Overwhelming.

We also went to the Shamain Island where many of the local touristy gift shops are.  This use to be a more thriving area when international adoptions were running at a different pace.  Even 4 years ago when we were here, we felt it was busier.  Fei Fei the Shopper found things he wanted.  He picked out a jade cross which I thought was interesting.

We had traditional Chops made here for the 3 kids.  These are like a signature stamp made out of stone and hand carved.

 Lucas was fascinated with watching the carver at work...

 we found Lucas's Chinese name in a book of Chinese names so they knew the characters to use.

 Lucas's stone was a harder one so the carver had to use an electronic tool to carve it.

 Some of the traditional statue pictures in GZ.

 boys will be boys...

 This shop was here 4 years ago when we were here with Lucas.  I didn't know if it would still be there, but we love "Peter".  He is a very nice man with a small shop.  We gave him lots of business, but he said he may have to close his shop soon because his family lives far away and there just isn't as much business anymore like there used to be.  So sad.  But, I'm glad we got to see him.

 Lucas remembered him and he remembered Lucas.
(We came back another day and saw him one more time)

Tante Lilli bought each of the kids some special gifts that she gave them at the end of the day.  

 Lucas was thrilled.  It was a jade dragon from ChiFeng which he had been wanting.  A special treasure for him.

another day draws to a close.

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