My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 3-GZ zoo for the boys/last piece of paperwork in our hands/and off to Hong Kong

On Wednesday, Emma wanted to hang back and not go with the guys to the zoo.  But, due to Fei Fei's requiest, Peter took Lucas and Fei Fei to the local zoo close to our hotel.  He wanted to see a zoo in China before he left.  Since I wasn't there, I don't have the details, but I did hear from Peter that  
Fei Fei was running from exhibit to exhibit pulling him along yelling 
"daddya" "daddya"
wanting to show him all the animals.

feeding the giraffes was one of the highlights.

They met another family there enjoying the day as well

before we left the apartment, Fei Fei was helping to clean up...he had to finish his chicken feet...
try not to gag. He really wanted to share.  Nobody took him up on that one.  I wonder why.

Just so we had proof....
this is the crazy driving in China. yes that is inches not "Feet" away from the side of our van.  And thy come at you FAST!  Funny part...we saw NO accidents.  But, as Peter put it--it's just a big game of "chicken".  Both parties race as fast as they can to get to the spot and whoever gets there first wins. The other guy just has to hit the brakes.  We noticed a significant change in the amount of cars on the road compared to 4 years ago.
We met up with our guide Richard for the last time and picked up our Visas for the kids.  The BIG deal for most of our time spent in GZ.  This is where it all culminates.  This paperwork is given to immigration as soon as you arrive in the states and automatically declares them a US citizen when they step foot on over the treshold in the airport.
We headed off to Hong Kong that evening in 1 van and then had to switch over to 2 vans after we crossed the border into Hong Kong.  We actually had to go through border control.  Not quite sure what that's about since it's all China.  But, it went quickly and smoothly so that was ok.  Our total van time from GZ to HK was about 3 hours.  Not too bad.
sweet one was a bit tired and weepy on the ride.  She has a funny habit of cramming kleenex up her nose and letting it just hang there when she is crying.  I didn't take any pictures of it, but it is kind of a funny little habit.
Fei Fei slept much of the trip on Lucas's lap under this blanket.

Entering Hong Kong.
I had no idea it was this beautiful.
We'd really like to come back and do more than Disney here sometime.
But for now, Disney it is.

The first signs of Disney---our plans for tomorrow.

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