My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Connecting with Lucas

I have a lot on my mind.  Like many people the cares of this world can seem overwhelming at times.  I haven't written much about anything other than baseball and firetrucks lately because life is well...interesting.

First, Lucas is responding very well to the changes we are implementing here since we went to Empowered to Connect.  I can't say enough about how great that was and has been.  Some of the things you may hear more often now around our house....

"Investment Parenting"
"We stick together" (especially out in public, etc)
"Use your words"
"Look at my eyes"
"Let's try a do-over"
"Say it again with respect"
"We do not hurt one another in this family"
"Can you regulate yourself or do you need my help?"
"mommy may I have a compromise?"

You will hear less yelling from the mommy and daddy.  You will see our attempts at "being present" more (hopefully).  There's an attitude of "connecting" instead of "punishing".  
There are still conflicts but Lucas is learning how to "breathe" and "regulate".

Overall, it is very time consuming--thus "investment parenting".  However, we are seeing changes.  And that is good.  

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  1. yes, yes...but it is hard to remember all the stuff. Investment parenting is SO huge.
    They say you will either sit up with them when they are young or when they are teens