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My Family
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Friday, October 12, 2012


Yesterday, I waved goodbye to both of my boys as they headed off together on a Man-Venture.  Isaac got his driver's license last week and invited Lucas to go out to lunch and for a little adventure together. I'm not sure why but it just made me smile to see Isaac willnig to take his brother and be responsible for him "out in the world".  Lucas was very excited to go.  
They ended up just going to ChickFila and running an errand or two.  But it was still fun for both of them.  
Isn't that sweet??? read on...
(Isaac is in the driver's seat, Lucas in the back-although I'm sure Lucas would have preferred to be in the driver's seat)

So, when they got home Lucas was a little edgy because of a few things that happened but overall it was good.
Then Isaac proceeds to tell me that as soon as they got into the car, 
Lucas told Isaac he wanted some "smokes".  
Yes, I said "Smokes" (ie cigarrettes).
Isaac does not smoke
WE do not smoke
(please be laughing with me here)
WHAT was he thinking?
Isaac kept saying "no... I'm not buying you cigarettes"
These are the moments when we just wonder what life was like in China for this boy. 
 There are A LOT of smokers in China.  
It's actually kind of oppressive in restaurants sometimes.  
So, I wonder what kind of exposure he had to it.

Peter and I were laughing about it last night and just shaking our heads.

So, there ya have the 1st Manventure.
Isaac says he wants to do it some more, so stay tuned for more fun!
but we have made a "no buying cigarettes rule"  lol


  1. Oh my! A new driver and smoker in one day! Hilarious! How do you feel about that new driver? How is he doing? Thinking about you all often...

  2. I think the timing was a good one for Isaac to get his license. He is 17 1/2 tho not 16...=) He had his permit for over a year and didn't show much interest in driving so we didn't push getting a license. Now I think it is a good way for him to have some "wings". So far so good---it's been almost 2 weeks..=)