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My Family
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lucas Baseball Video 10/13/12

Just a quick video of Lucas playing T-ball and hitting the ball--running 2 bases--and then bringing it home after his buddy Grant hit the ball.  Sooooo proud of our boy!!!

I was thinking about this video after I posted the video last night and wanted to add to it.
When I watch Tball I think about these things...

What I see:
On one hand I just see our boy...I see his determination.  I see his love for baseball.  I see his skill level and how it is improving so rapidly just as any other parent would see their child on a team.

On the other hand I see where he has come in the past year and a half.  I see a boy who has changed so much and grown so much both physically and emotionally.  He never could have played baseball last Fall.  Not only because he was in casts from his surgery, but, also emotionally.  He wasn't "there" yet.  He would have been all over the field and not listening, confused, perhaps throwing tantrums, etc.  Now he listens to his coach, checks in that he is standing in the right place, waits patiently (well not always) for the next thing to happen, and is a great teammate.  Lately, he has taken it another step and been trying to help the youngest player on our team who has been struggling with hitting, running, and focusing.  Perhaps I should mention this boy happens to be the coaches son.  This boy has been in tears several times.  He is very young (age 4 I think).  Lucas puts his arm around him and tells him, "You can do it, bud."  Sometimes I just shake my head in awe. If only that young boy knew what Lucas meant by those words and what he has overcome.

What other parents see:
Another kid on the field playing baseball.  A pretty good hitter.  Probably the "average" player, maybe slightly above average (oops maybe that was "me" seeing that).  They have no idea that there is anything "different" about him because he wears long pants.  Although when he runs it does look a little funky.  But, overall, he does everything he is suppose to do.  I kind of like that because it evens out the playing field in many ways.

What I don't see that maybe I should:
So, while I'm watching the game and I see certain kids on the field with varying degrees of baseball prowess, I wonder what I am not seeing in these kids that I should open my eyes to see.  Some of them are really great players and I wonder if they are going to be the next high school star.  But, sometimes it looks like kids are out there that really don't desire to be there.  They have no real drive in them to hit the ball or to run.  They seem almost lethargic, or indifferent.  It almost appears as if mom and dad force them to be there.  But, maybe I need to open my eyes and see how each kiddo out there comes with a story.  So, eventhough I'm not suppose to, I find myself cheering for the other team sometimes because they hit the ball or make a great play.  oops!  I do like that we are on a team that has only lost one game and I am very proud of them for it.  But, I just can't help to see each child and wonder:

"What is your story?" "What have you overcome?" or "What do you need to learn from baseball?"

I like the fact that most people do not know there is anything different about Lucas when he is out there on the field and that he can hold his own and succeed!  Thank you Jesus for all you have done in our boy!

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