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My Family
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Firestation 4

We visited Station 4 on Sept 28.
The Captain at this station made our visit very interesting.  He kind of hassled his guys about their knowledge of how much hose is on their trucks/engines...poor guys...=)  a few of them knew the answers but some didn't. He was funny though.  He has been a firefighter for 24 years.  
This was the first Fire Truck (with a ladder) that we have seen.  We learned that when they get a call, the Captain rides in the passenger seat of the Fire TRUCK and the Lieutenant of that particular station rides in the Fire ENGINE (unless for some reason one or the other is not available then it becomes others)

 Med unit 4...Lucas got to sit in the seat in the back briefly to see what the paramedic sees.
 Truck 4

 One of the temporary engines in the county...but Sir Lucas got to spray the hose for a few moments.

 Thanks guys...
Clay, Justin, Dustin, Lucas, Captain Glenn, and Vee

The Captain was very helpful and answered lots of questions and gave Lucas lots of information about being a fireman.  He took a lot of time with us and was very fun.

After I was done taking this picture (below), I said to the Captain..."Lucas always wants to know why the firetrucks never get a Call while we are at the station.  One day he would LOVE to see you get a call while we are here..." and Just like I had scripted it, a moment later--I mean just a moment...BIng Bong Boong..."Engine 4, Med 4..." Got a CALL....We popped open the video camera for that one and video taped them sirens blazing as they headed off to their emergency.  That was SOOO cool for Lucas to see.  Then he asked if I could do that again next time.  uh hum...I don't think so...=)

 A boy and A Fire Captain...
so much information
so little time.

Thanks guys of Station 4.  You were lots of fun and as we left I asked Lucas what he liked about the station and he said, "He was a very kind man.  I loved him too."...=)
oh and for those that are interested....
The Ladder truck holds less water than the Pumper truck (engine)
Ladder=300 gallons
Pumper=500 gallons
The Ladder stretches out to 95 feet and there is 600 feet of supply hose on the ladder truck.
The Engine has 1,000 feet of Supply hose.
Supply hose is just the hose that goes from the hydrant to the truck. (5" diameter)---
Who on this earth ever thought I would be giving you detailed information on hoses from a firetruck?

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