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My Family
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Africa Nov. 19-20- Travel

and we're off...

Total travel time 18 hours plus car time on both ends.
Total layovers - 1 (1 1/2 hours in Amsterdam)
Total movies watched by Lucas- 5
Total hours slept en route
   Isaac -0 on first flight- but got an entire row to himself on 2nd 8 hour flight and slept about 7 hours
   Heidi- 0 on first flight- about 4 on second flight.
   Lucas- ZERO on first flight- about 5 on second

 Lucas was enthralled by all things "airport operations" while we waited in Atlanta for our flight.

 and my handsome Isaac man was just being a great young man.

 With zero sleep from Atlanta to Amsterdam, Lucas's exhaustion caught up with him as we waited for our next flight. (note the cool necklace he wove by hand on that first leg of the trip.)

 Tigger loves to travel too

 pictures don't do it much justice out a plane window, but they wouldn't roll down the window for me at 37,000 feet, so this is all I got...   The Sahara Desert.... (and I only got this because Lucas looked out the window and said, "mom look at all that sand"

 oh, yes and then he noticed the sun setting too over the Sahara.

When we arrived we all almost had a meltdown as we waited for our Visa's.  Long line.  But, finally got through all of that and found my sister and bro in law.  Got into the van and the "driving in Nairobi" adventure began.  Our driver, Martin, is so amazing.  More on him as days go on.  One thing we noticed...stop signs and stop lights apparently are optional.
 oh yes.  red light.  optional.
If there is a crowd of cars at a light and no police officer to see it...everyone goes.  But, good to know, if you are at a red light alone, you better stay stopped.  Cuz then apparently the numbers game doesn't work and you could get a ticket.
Oh and then there's the maps and "directions".  Not so clear.  I'm so glad Paul and his driver were in charge of getting us from the airport to the apartment we were staying in.
We are staying with a pastor and his wife.  SWEET people.  They have a young daughter too who is also very gentle and quiet and sweet.  A nice calming force for Lucas. =)

When we first arrived they served us a traditional fish stew and rice even though it was 11:00 at night.
We had a bit of a hard time winding down, but eventually fell asleep.  Then, after I finally fell that nice sound sleep...suddenly Lucas started shaking my shoulders and said,
"I did it mom, I did"
half asleep I somehow responded "what, what did you do?"
"I fell asleep"
you woke me up to tell me you fell asleep.
stay tuned for day 2...

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