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My Family
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bags are Packed and we are ready to go

Well, the bags are packed. Lucas is off to school for a few hours.
I'm cleaning up a few loose ends and off to Africa I go with my 2 boys.
Ya see, something you need to know about me.
I'm kind of spontaneous.
And I kind of love the idea of adventure.
And I love the idea of being a part of something bigger than myself and watching what God can do.
And then the day arrives --like today and my heart starts to pound and I think.

"Have I completely lost my mind?"
"I'm going to Africa and leaving my husband behind?"
"Whose idea was THIS?"

so lest anyone think that I've lost my mind.
Well, I probably have.
But, it's too late now.
Here I am.

travel shots/immunizations/medication ready an on board
Passports (by they way, seeing Lucas's name on a US passport still blows my mind and melts my heart)
"Materials" to share
school supplies, clothing, shoes, toys,  gifts for nannies and Mercy, candy (and then some more candy) for people there.
underwear (if you know me ask me about the dream I had 2 nights ago--a little too much information for a blog)
snacks to tie us over
Video Camera
all the cords and gadgets one seems to need these days for travel

6 bags packed.
Working on the carryons.
all electronics in working order and hopefully will stay functioning the way they are suppose to because I'm leaving the other 1/2 of my "brain" behind in my husband.
Materials to share with people in need packed.

and the list goes on--I learned that "Notes" on my iPhone has become my best friend over the past few weeks. I've made lists, and deleted things off my list, and added things and deleted and there are still things on there.  So why am I sitting here blogging? (not on my list)

And I'm also taking one more important thing.

well then

I'm ok.

Deep breath in
that's better

have I planned as well as I should for taking YOU on this trip?  well, we have at least 16 hours of flying time to discuss that.  And I'm looking forward to that.

stay tuned for the

and keep the word "Regulation" in your prayers --
that's the word we use when we need Lucas to bring himself back around to "normalcy" when he loses it.  Just pray he stays "Regulated" and "uses his words".
(ok maybe that's secretly a prayer for me too)

To God be the Glory for this opportunity.

1 comment:

  1. Well my Friend, i will keep the prayers coming.
    I do not get you. That "oh, it'll be fine - I'll take Isaac and Lucas to Africa."???!!!
    I don't have that spirit of adventure. Just the plane ride with an 8 yr old is scary!!
    You are an amazing person and I feel COMPLETELY inadequate!!
    God Bless and Protect you ALL.