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My Family
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Friday, November 29, 2013

Nov. 26, 2013 cont. Ripples International--Tumaini Center

Part of what Ripples has is a center for abused and neglected girls.  I don't want to post any pictures here because you never know who reads a blog.
But, suffice it to say it is a heavily gated and guarded facility.  Visitors are rarely allowed.  But, because Linda is on the board, the 2 of us were able to go in and see the girls.  No men EVER are allowed since they are the primary perpetrators.
We left Lucas at Ripples New Start Center, which I referenced already with all the sweet kids...a very nice facility.  Some may call it an orphanage as I did earlier but technically it is a home for children sometimes just temporary.  He ran to the door and couldn't wait to get in to see his friends.  (more on that later)
The other guys went and did other things since they could not join us.
We learned about the facility.  We talked to the girls.  Most of them were very sweet, some barely talked.  3 had babies.  a few were pregnant.  Hard to see, but we know this is a very safe place for them and they are getting excellent care.  Ripples also takes care of the court cases, etc. for the girls as well as the physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  Amazing really.
They sang us a few songs, which were so sweet.  Precious really.

We were there about 2 hours.  Then we went back to New Start to get Lucas.  As I approached the building I heard crying.  I KNEW it was my boy.  When I finally got in to the building, I could hear he was bawling his sweet little heart out.

I had no idea because my phone doesn't work here.  So, he came running to my arms, and wanted to get out of that place.  Honestly, it's not a bad place.  The kids are great, the nannies were very sweet.  I'm sure he wasn't harmed in anyway.  But, when we got into the car he could explain...
He thought I left him there.
Why was I gone so long.
and then the truth came out that it reminded him of the orphanage in China.  wowsa.  That was not intentional at all.  But, I totally get it.  We cuddled, and I reassured him over and over again that I was sorry for leaving him there, and I thought he wanted to go play with his new friends (recall, HE took off running when we got there and couldn't get into the building fast enough).  But, something clicked in the midst of it and he just lost it.

Things must have rushed forward in his little heart and mind that none of us expected.  He was perfectly fine when we were all there together the day before.  But, then I was actually there with him.
Sweet boy.  I love you Lucas boy.  You are mine forever!

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