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My Family
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Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 25, 2013--Meru, Kenya-Ripples International-New Start Center and IPI

This is a stark contrast to the first orphanage we visited.  It is well funded and run by more people.  And technically not an orphanage.  It is called the New Start Center and is just one portion of what Ripples International does.  They serve over 8,000 families and children in several surrounding communities in many ways.  New Start is a place for young children to come who need assistance.  Some of the parents are just not able to care for their children right now, so they bring them for care.  Some have been rescued from harsh situations.  Some of the parents are too young to care for them. And there are other stories as well.    It is younger children up to age 5 or so.  

We all visited.  
This is their playground, but because it is the rainy season they cannot use it right now.

 There are about 23 kids there right now.  All of them so happy to see us and play and have fun.
 precious little girl.
 Lucas took these photos.

 There are 3 small babies there.
And such exciting news.  This sweet baby girl has a family waiting to adopt her.  And it happens to be our driver--Godfrey...=)  SOOO excited for her and her new family.  They have to wait until early 2014 for all the paperwork to be completed.

another of the sweet babies
 Linda all filled up with sweetness

It shouldn't be surprising, but John was a total natural at this stuff.  
Precious man.

for younger children
mashed beans, bananas, and maiz.
They feed the tiny babie's cow's milk from a cup with sugar and a little water.

 Isaac helping with the feeding.

 Paul.  "doin' the Waldo".  It's a little dance he made up a while back when he went to visit the kids and when he walked in the door they remembered it.  Hysterical to see these tiny kids dancin and singin'
"doin' the Waldo..oo oo oo" "Doin the Waldo...oo oo oo"
 Of course that then makes him a kid magnet...=)

 John continuing to share the love.
 Isaac playing silly games with kids.

Lucas's tender heart for this baby...=)
and..this is Pastor Godfrey (and our driver in Meru)  and his new sweet daughter that he will bring home in just a few short months.  What a blessing that he and his wife can just stop in and spend time with her anytime.  She is a COMPLETE doll...and so smiley.
Overall, this is as good as it gets.  A very nice facility for the kids.  It doesn't replace being in a family and living in a home, but really at many levels the care is excellent.  Every child gets a medical exam once a month.  That's more than my kids ever got.  They still have needs, but they are doing very well.  And they LOVED the attention and fun for the few hours we were there serving.  

After that we headed a little way up the road to this orphanage and bead work initiative.  They make hand made jewelry and sell it to help sustain their project with the kids.  The beads are made of camel bone.  
IPI also has an orphanage type facility with older kids, not babies.  All the kids are in school also.

 Here is some of the jewelry they make.
 my new neclace...=)
 my attempt to be a Masai woman.  I think I need a tan.
 Isaac being a Masain
 this is how the camel bone looks prior to being transformed into something beautiful...
 This saw is used for cutting it.
 Then it is polished and painted
 Lucas enjoyed playing with some of the kids.
 Then the adults joined in.  Pastor Godfrey, Isaac and John...

 Some of the girls who were playing what I would call playground games.  =)
 The chef and her "stove".  One thing about real life here.  Most things are cooked on a pot like this.  The entire countryside and city smells like a giant campfire.  That's how they do everything with cooking.
 Precious boys with a home made car.
1 old salad oil bottle with 4 covers for wheels, pulled by a string.
 old tires are always fun.
 The "farm" (Ripples has one too, but I didn't see it).  Goats, rabbits, etc.
 Isaac in a hut built for guests I beilieve.

Sir Pastor Godfrey, a gem of a man on so many levels...=)

2 centers for kids in one day can be a bit overwhelming and exhausting, but wow!  Such a blessing to be able to bring just a tiny bit of joy to them.  They all love visitors even though they often laugh at us...=)

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