My Family

My Family
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

George and Robert

It is with great JOY that we celebrate how God is working this Advent season.  We feel so blessed that Alfred, the man in charge of the Ark Home where George and Robert are staying, is so open to communicating with us and keeping us updated.

Today we saw this picture of George at a beautiful celebration of thanksgiving for the children.
I made the picture as big as I could because I LOVE the smile on his face.  And it is apparent this celebration was amazing and I'm sure he felt a part of something bigger than himself.  

To be perfectly honest I am overwhelmed by the blessing of this placement.  Everyday I find out a little more about them and realize God's perfect timing in all of this.

1.  We never would have felt led to go to Kenya if it hadn't been for the generous inheritence I had received from my mom's passing this year.  We knew we had to "give back" a portion of what we had been given, and decided this was one way we could do it.  
2.  I didn't fully understand why God was leading us to "go" over Thanksgiving, leaving my husband behind but taking our 2 boys along.  Now I know.  
3.  God used EVERY person in that van that week to work as His hands and feet to make this "rescue" possible.  We know ONLY God can rescue.  And He made that obvious by the way everything worked out in about 10 days time from when we met the boys to having them placed in this home.
4.  When we got home we didn't know if we would really hear much from the placement home.  But, IT HAS BEEN AMAZING!  Alfred, the man in charge, communicates and shares pictures prolifically.  I'm overwhelmed by all of it.  And we can stay in touch with the boys as much as we want to.  Again overwhelmed by the "beyond all we can ask or imagine God can do".
5.  Keep in mind we never left home thinking "let's go rescue street boys".  Seriously not one of us had this plan.  YET GOD!  DID!

I'm sure there is a long road ahead for everyone, but being allowe to be a small part of this unfolding and God's Provision blows my mind.  We will Fix our Eyes on Jesus and the miracles he is revealing.  
To Him be the Glory!

and that smile...well it is enough to keep me going for months!

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