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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November 28, 2013--Safari in Kenya--Sweetwaters

Going on an African safari means you need to wake up REALLY early before the animals and arrive at sunrise.  Sweetwaters Park was about 2 hours from where we were staying so we left at 4:00 a.m. to get there in time.  When we arrived and began driving around we immediately saw giraffes crossing the road and then right after that a group of elephants.  It was amazing to see these animals in their natural environment just roaming around.  

 One of the elephants even had a baby
 Gazelles everywhere all day long
intriguing birds

 This cactus is covered with a little bug inside those white blotches.  Those are the bugs the ladies use to dye the wool red that they use to do their weaving.  See this post for more info on the weavers.
 Yes we are feeding a rhino.  This poor fella is missing an eye and the other one barely works.  So he is in a more enclosed area to keep him safe so other rhinos don't hurt him.  He was a gentle giant.

 a pretty little bird
 Mr. Water buffalo (well technically called something else, but I don't remember the name).  Ever watch Veggie Tales?  Isaac and I were singing the Water Buffalo song.  "Everybody wants a water buffalo, yours is fast and mine is slow...everybody wants a water buffalo...oooooooooo"
 African ducks
 on the lookout

 just a view of the space they have to roam, with zebras in the foreground.  So refreshing to see them in their natural habitat.
 Mr. Rhino
 awww look at those cute little zebra bottoms.

 just wandering across the plain.
 In the middle of the park there is a marker for the Equator.  So Isaac and I stood on the equator together.  That was cool.
 Pointing toward home.  or at least I think we were.

 At one point we took a break and got out to view this special Jane Goodall Chimpanzee exhibit.  It was founded by her here at the park to rehabilitate abused Chimps.  It is not a breeding facility so all the females are on birth control.
 This precious guy was just sitting by the fenceline as we walked up.  He was rocking back and forth and appeared to have mental issues.  The reason for it is he was found in a cage that was not big enough for him to walk on all 4's like a chimp should walk.  He basically lost his mind being forced into a sitting or standing position for years.

 More of them joined us for a visit as we waited.

. After seeing the chimps we drove around the park again for a while and saw wild baboons
 This tree is called a Yellow Fever tree.  It's bark is yellow (it doesn't cause illness)
 a little river animal hiding out as we hunted for the hippopotamous in the river.  We never quite caught up with the hippo.  Since they are free to roam the park, there is no guarantee you will see them.  And we didn't.  But, I'm glad they are free to roam.
 just some pretty flowers
 a shop on the way out.

My plan is to post some of the videos we took because they really give a great perspective on what we saw.  I just need to make room on my computer, so stay tuned for Safari post 2...=)

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