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My Family
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Friday, December 6, 2013

November 30, 2013-- last day in Nairobi and farewell

On Saturday Lucas, Isaac and I were on our own in Nairobi for the day because Linda and Paul's flight was super early in the a.m.  Our driver Martin picked us up and made sure we got from place to place all day and back to the airport at night.  Our first stop was the elephant nursery at the National Park in Nairobi.  These babies are all under 2 years old and are all orphans for a variety of reasons.  Eventually they will be released back into the wild again, but they will stay here for about 5 years.

they can pound a bottle of milk like this in about 30 seconds- 1 minute.

 they like to play like babies too.
 sometimes the keepers have to "break it up"

 isn't he cute???

 oh, then a giraffe just happened to saunter by...since this is all at the National Park which is like the safari we went on where the animals just roam.

 isaac and a giraffe...

 pretty flowers

my attempt to be a good photographer like my son...he beat me in this contest once again (I don't have his picture here, but ugh!!!  he always wins)

 We then took Isaac back to the slums so he could take pictures and walk around with John for a few hours.  Lucas and I went to a market instead.
More pictures of Mathare.

 The kids warmly greeted Lucas again when we dropped Isaac off at the orphanage.

 This one's for you dear...(check out the construction site)

 This man is part of the Massai Tribe

 Martin our driver--he and Lucas LOVED eachother!!!
 and last but not least...Lucas finally spotted a Kenyan Firetruck---ya baby!!!! kind of looks like one of his toys.

Our flight home was good although exceptionally long with layovers, etc.  A full 24 hours of traveling pretty much took us out for a few days after returning.  
Blown away by what God allowed us to be a part of on this trip.
Amazed at the relationships He built in our family but also our "new" Kenyan extended family now.
Thank you Lord for lettiing us be a part of Your Plan!

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