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My Family
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lucas Hostel

We are quickly becoming friends of our new Kenyan friend Alfred--the man in charge of MaceCall and the Ark House where "our boys" George and Robert are staying.  Today we received an overwhelming letter of encouragement and evidence of God's Greatness:

"Hope you are all well. Here we are well and all the children have gone for the holidays except two boys who are now staying with George and Robert at their hostel. The boys this far are doing well and have adjusted well to the change of location and lifestyle. So far so good and we have not had any struggles with them. We hope they will be ready to join school come the beginning of next month as schools resume for the 2014 academic year.
As you are all aware Macecall is in the very initial stages of set up and we are glad to be partnering with you. It is very exciting to learn that the young boy Lucas was right at the center of the initiative to rescue George and Robert. Because of this we are suggesting that we honor him by naming the room the boys are using after him. In other words we call the room the boys are using; Lucas Hostel. Then when we finally move to our own property the first hostel we will put up will be called by the same name; Lucas Hostel. Let us know if that is okey with you then we can go ahead and have the name inscribed at the hostel door.

I sit here beyond humbled and grateful and overwhelmed by God's Greatness and Provision for George and Robert.  I'm still blown away by how God has used Lucas's young life to influence and inspire and affect others for His Glory already at age 10.  
It's almost hard to imagine and be in the middle of this story as it is unfolding.  It sort of came out of nowhere.  But, yet, we know our Sovereign God knew about this long ago and had this plan for everyone involved.  That blows my simple mind.  The way He weaves and intertwines the lives of people makes me sit in Awe of Him once again.  How can you not see and be overwhelmed by the beauty of this?

Lucas Hostel.  What an honor and privilege.

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