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My Family
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Monday, December 2, 2013

November 27, 2013--(part 1)-Ribui School--

On Tuesday we ventured off to the Riubi School in rural Meru.  Unfortuantely the children were not there because it is their annual holiday break.  But, we were able to meet with the staff including the principal of the school and others.  They really made a big deal about us being there.
Paul found about this school when he travelled there in October.  Many years ago this was a thriving elementary school and in fact the current principal attended this school and graduated from here.  But, then it closed down for many years.  Recently they reopened due to the efforts of the staff to bring it back to life and make schooling available for the surrounding children living in their huts.  According to US standards this would be a very inadequate facility with dirt floors and other issues.  And in fact they currently do not have electricity.  They also are looking for funding for a school lunch program.  Paul found this out and has asked for Isaac's help in raising awareness for this school and perhaps with his photography, helping to fund a program to supply these things for the school.  So Isaac went around and took pictures and we will soon be beginning a project for them to raise funds for these two efforts.
(continue reading for Lucas's additional funding project...=)

(check out the "road" to the left of the sign. 
 That's what the roads looked like that we took to get to the school)

 Because Meru is located near Mount Kenya, we often saw natural lava rock imbeded everywhere.

 This is the principal of the school in our meeting as they presented their needs.  And Paul, my brother in law.
 The test scores shown for the school since 2005...the officials are very proud of where they have come.
 The little buildings in the backround are the "facilities"...uh hum otherwise known as the "pit latrine".  yep the out house for the children.  Lucas "had to go".  So off we went.
 This is what we found inside the building.  Oh yes.  Time for some squating.  THIS became Lucas's "project".  If Isaac is going to raise money for the elactricity and food, they he wants to raise money for water and "real" toilets for the kids.  (I'm not sure if they are ready to add that quite yet, but he really wants to help with that effort)  He was pretty much disgusted by it.  =)
 Proud of Isaac presenting his commitment to the school.  He has all the numbers and paperwork in front of him formally presented.  Please pray that he is able to put it all together in a timely manner with the help of Paul, so he can make a presentation to them and begin the fundraising.  They have electricity close to the school, but need the line to be brought all the way to the school.  And in addition the lunch program.  The reason the lunch program is so important, is many of the kids have to walk so far to get to school.  If they have to go home at lunch time they don't come back.  And/or they also are working on their family farms.  Going to school means time away from home and work.  The parents can't afford additional costs to pay for meals away from home.
 This made me think about Isaiah 61..."beauty from ashes"...

 Lucas spent some time in the car with our driver Pastor Godfrey.  Pastor patiently listened as Lucas spoke (and he recorded video of him) telling him that he was going to become President of Kenya so he could "make this whole world better" for everyone.  =)

more views from around the property:
one of the detached classrooms they call "the nursery"--I think that means it is for the younger children.

yes that's dirt floors

inside another classroom

 Linda, my sister, with the director.
 Isaac at work
 someone helped them with a water tank project a while back.

 a little random, but this was in the grass near the school.  Multiple large holes in the grass in a cluster.  I would say they were 1-1/1/2 inches in diameter.  I asked what created this.  ANTS!  The queen is the length of a cell phone.  She is in this colony underground and her worker ants which are much smaller were crawling all around.  EESH!

 This is the group from the school.  Lucas is holding one of the "Proclaimers" that we brought along.  This is the Bible recorded and on a device they can power up and listen to.  We thought the school could make good use of it.  They seemed to appreciate it.  It's in Swahili.

Keep Riubi School in your prayers.  And we will keep you informed as Isaac's project develops.  He has made a HUGE committment to them. To God be the Glory!

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