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My Family
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Firestation 2-

We visited Station 2 on 9/12/12
(we had to go on a Wednesday because Peter and I went out of town on Friday)
This station has 1 fire engine 
1 Medical Unit (Ambulance)
A few notable things:
There is a fireman at this station named Blaze.
Isn't that the coolest name you ever heard for a fireman?
Station 2 is currently the oldest station in Gwinnett County. 
 It's a little smaller than Station 1, but it's a great group of guys.

This was another temporary truck like we saw at Station 1.  But, still cool!
Fireman Blaze let Lucas put on his gear

charmed I'm sure...
he looks like a drill instructor in this one
pirate??? not quite sure what this face was about!  But, what a cool helmet!

Here are the fireman from Station 2:
Parks, Blaze, Cory Lucas and Lieutenant Jakerry

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