My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Monday, September 10, 2012

Firestation Fridays--Firestation 1

This may be one of the craziest things I have committed myself to.  
As anyone who's ever read this blog knows, 
we have more pictures of Lucas and firetrucks than anything.  
He is obsessed.

Well, since we homeschool, 
since I can find an excuse to create school out of just about anything...
We are doing a sort of Unit Study on 
drum roll please...
you guessed it...
All The Firestations In Our County!
Now, that may not seem like a big deal, until you realize we live in the largest county in our state.
that means
Each Friday we will go to a firestation 
(sometimes a different day if something else is going on that week)
I am giving him a map to follow to show me how to get there-Geography
We will visit the sation and count how many firemen and what equipment they have and create a chart or graph of it as we go along--That's Math
We will talk to them and write down how they answer a series of questions-Language Arts/Social Studies
We will talk to them about how they use "Science" as they fight fires
and the list goes on.
Then we are going to create a scrapbook of it and put it all together taking pictures, etc.--Art anyone?

Have I fallen off my rocker?
Am I a tad Crazy!
Probably yes on both accounts.
I am not really very good at follow through on big projects like this, 
Let's see how this goes shall we?

Lucas in the car
giving me directions...
That may have been his favorite part of the day
Telling ME where to
The card you see on the top of his clipboard is a picture of him with a paragraph on who he is and how to contact us if they want to.  We are leaving these at each station.
Welcome to
1 Med Rescue Unit
1 Fire Engine

As always, the Firemen were AWESOME! They took all the time we needed to ask questions, touch stuff, open every door of the trucks, have Lucas sit in the trucks, etc.

 Fireman Adam

 Ah ha...that's HEALTH class (Science)...Lucas learned how to take his pulse!

These are used to prop up cars, etc that might slip or fall-more science- that's Physics!
 The infamous Sheet Rock Puller...(one of Lucas's favorites)
 "why do you have such big tires on your truck?"
 Jaws of life...
 This Station has a Med Rescue Unit--We learned this is different than an ambulance.  It has equipment on it for fighting fires as well as the medical care it provides.  Ambulances are simply medical.
 A stair wheel chair that can get people up and down stairs..
 Unit 1

 Med Unit

The Firemen of Station 1-B shift-

Matt, Ryan, Joel, (Lucas) Adam and Cory
 And as usual on a hot sticky day in of the guys sweetly put on all that gear so Lucas could once again pose with fireman Ryan in his Turnout Gear. top it all off??? They gave permission for Lucas to SPRAY A REAL FIREHOSE
(a small one mind you or he would have been knocked to the ground--) but he couldn't have been happier...

 ya baby!!!
 Thanks are going to be a hard act to follow!!!