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My Family
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Start of school year 2012-2013--1 senior and 1 second grader

Last week we went out for our traditonal 1st day of school dinner at Red Lobster.  We haven't done that since Isaac started going to public school in 2009.  But, since he is back home again for his senior year we decided to celebrate this new yet familiar journey. 
(that's rootbeer by the way--Lucas only "looks"

 My 2 favorite students
 The Senior
 The 2nd grader

Just a little explanation of what Isaac is currently doing since we have some friends reading this that are wondering what this is all about.
We have Isaac enrolled in something called College Plus.  It is a program that will allow him to complete his senior year in high school through our homeschool at the same time he is beginning college level coursework.  You can see more about it here but it is a very cool totally above board program that is very exciting for him.  He is working very independently and loves the freedom it offers him.  Check out the website if you are interested in details.

Mr. Second Grader is starting out this school year in a much better place than last year.  I remember the first days of last year and how I couldn't get him to sit still at all and he didn't even know colors and as he learned numbers he always skipped the number 15.  This year we are already starting out reading simple words, adding numbers, telling time, counting money, doing social studies, science, copywork and much more.  It's great to see his progress and I'm curious to see where he is this time next year.

So welcome to school guys!

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