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My Family
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Firestation 3

Week 3 of Firestation visits...
Station 3
Since we have already been to several stations, I think the guys weren't quite sure what to tell Lucas anymore about the fire engine at their station since it is no different than others we have seen.  
But, we quickly learned there is always something to learn.  
It was kind of funny tho.  The firemen started the tour by asking Lucas what was on their truck!  Sort of quizzing him to see what he knew.  He told them a few things too. =)

Here is Lucas once again with the Jaws of Life--this is a smaller version--I guess there are different sizes.
Fireman Jose showing Lucas all about this "jaw"
This may look like any ole ladder to you, but it was a surprise to us.  It actually folds into itself vertically so it can be stored in a long narrow slot on the truck.  We had never seen this one before.  But, Lucas figured out that was what it was.  The firemen were actually doing training today learning how to take care of Attic Fires.  This ladder is used specifically for that type of fire, because it is not too big and it folds into itself so it can be manuvered easily.
 and one of the firemen actually asked if I wanted to be in a picture...yeah!  I was really there...
 More info on hoses and pumps on the truck.  Today we found out some of the hoses are preconnected hoses attached all over the truck.  These are used to pump water immediately upon arrival at the scene.  Since the truck holds 500 gallons of water, they can use these until the others get hooked up.  Other hoses have couplings at joints that can be removed or added to for different lengths they may need.  Those hoses get attached to the pump on the side of the truck and/or to the fire hydrant.  We also saw how there are different sized hoses.  There is a limit to the size of the hose that can be manuvered inside a house or building.
 Fireman Brent--the Driver today...
 Firemen Andrew, Jose, Maurice, Lieutenant Scott, Fireman Lucas, and Brent
 The Ambulance was gone when we first arrived.  They returned just in time for a photo op.
 Inside the ambulance

 Fireman Jose was so sweet to Lucas and took him around the fire engine and showed him where they sleep, etc.
 Thanks guys of Station 3!! You were awesome!!!

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