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My Family
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lucas's First Baseball Game!!!

Could a boy have a more exciting weekend?
First a firestation visit on Friday and then his first Tball game Ever on Saturday!  He loved the game, and stuck with it all the way through.  One of the coaches did have to tell him not to "hit" the other guy from the other team as he was running between bases from 1st to 2nd.  Later, I asked him why he did that, and he said he didn't like him and he was cheating.  Kind of funny, because the kid was just doing what he was suppose to do, but Lucas just didn't want him to score.  I hope he isn't going to be the player that starts a fight out on the field--and he doesn't have baseball confused with

Here he is when he got up to bat.  All business...

I found myself saying "run lucas run" ...

a boy just can't resist playing in the dirt.

Yeah!!! That's a Run for Lucas!!!!

Up to bat again...

his bucket o'stuff in the "pen"

They WON!!! 18-17! Go Reds!!!

Here's the sweet part.
He was so excited, but he thought his best bud on the team, Grant, actually won the whole game because he ran in for the final score!  He didn't think his run or any of the other runs made a difference. It was Grant's final run that won the game singlehandedly.  We smiled and said indeed his score along with all the other kids helped win the game.  It was a team effort!

Afterward he was so excited that he said we should eat cake!
Sorry to say I didn't quite get to that, but we will one of these days.
He just kept talking about it over and over again for 2 days.

And this is just the beginning!
So excited for the boy and his hard work and that he even understands now how to play--So amazing to me! One proud momma.

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  1. What a high scoring game! I'm loving all the updates on your family.