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My Family
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Firestation 15--January 21, 2013

We took a little break from firestation visits with the holidays and also with Lucas starting up public school instead of home schooling.  But, today was MLK Day he had off.  So we decided to jump back in.

We knew from visiting the other 14 stations in our county---yes we have been to 14--that Station 15 has the reputation for being the Busiest Station in the county.  We also found out it is the 42nd buisiest station in the Country.
So, it would not have surprised me today if they would have gotten a call and our visit would have been cut short.  But, NO!

We stayed alomst 2 hours I think.  And as soon as we got there we knew we were in for some fun!!!!
We found the firemen, many suited up, behind the building with a ladder propped up against the building.  There was a new fireman at the station, Anthony, and he was being shown how they do some things.  The firemen immediately engaged Lucas in what they were doing and explained what was going on.
Once again I thought "that's the cool thing about this station".  We always find something unique about each one.

 Fireman Anthony practiced going up the ladder which is purposefully propped at a low slope so they can get up and down it easier.
 Fireman Brian began engaging Lucas with a hose
and other important conversation ensued...
 Fireman Anthony showed us how to tie a knot so an ax can be lifted up by a rope...

 But, then came the bigger surprise!!!
After they took a brief look at our scrapbook, they knew they had a junior firefighter on their hands.  They were not going to be out done by Station 5 or anybody else...
So they pulled out the FireTruck just for Lucas.
Set up the ladder...
belted him up....
 Got ready....
 (that's one excited boy..reallly..he's so excited he can't figure out how to show it)
 Up IN the BUCKET he Goes!!!

 He's up there, but kind of short so you can't see him in the bucket!!

 They did eventually come down, and the fireman propped him up for a picture to prove he was in the bucket!!! HE LOVED IT!!!!!!  They didn't extend it the whole 95'...but it looked pretty high to me!
 Then they headed over to the Engine for some Hose Fun!
 Everyone was so friendly as usual, but these guys...exceptional!!
 Time to get the hoses off the truck!
 Let's go...
 drag those hoses to the "fire"

 One happy boy anytime he gets his hands on a firehose....

 "you wanna shoot the water?"....

 I think this is one of my all time favorite photos of Lucas and a fireman....

Engine 15  (I realized I forgot to get a pic of Medic 15)

Time to reel up the hoses...Again a very happy boy!  He is just as happy to roll up a hose as to blast the water... 

 Then the firemen demonstrated climbing up and down the extended ladder.  As one goes up the other one coming down has to swing around the edge of the ladder to make room.  Lucas said, "That was freaky, I didn't like that".  I said, "why?".  He said, "cuz it scared me".  He was afraid the fireman would get hurt.


 fascinating.  And frankly, the way these guys acted today, I think they had just as much "fun"...=)

hoses need to get put away "just so" for the next emergency.
 lucas assisting them in holding the hoses

 They ALL came out for the final photo...and piled on top of the Truck!  so much fun!

Fireman of Station 15--C Shift---
Adam, (Lucas), Brian, Ben,
Anthony, Tim, Jason, Brooks, and Fields 

Then the Captian showed up so we added him to the pic too (on the far left)
Captain Bobby

 Captain Bobby and Chief Ken enjoyed looking at our scrapbook
What a fun day with my boy!!  Thanks to all the great guys at Station 15!!!!
I realized after I left that I completely neglected the "interview" part of the day.  But, we were so busy with fun that I just didn't get around to it.  But, this station was awesome in the "experience" department and "hands on" fun!!  That was superior!  Thanks again, and YES we will return someday, hopefully with a "thank you" and also a completed scrapbook to share...=)

Here's a listing of links to the first 5 stations we did.  I sort of lost the momentum trying to keep up with the scrapbook so only have the first 5 on the blog, but here they are.

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I also have some awesome video from today on my phone, but alas, it will take me a little bit to figure out how to get it here.  So I will update when I do...=)

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  1. How exciting! Lucas seems to be a star with all the firemen. What a wonderful experience for him and you.