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My Family
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Building Blocks and Swimming Pools

Lucas has been seeming more and more at ease.  We have fewer and fewer "issues" of meltdowns, etc. (not that we had a ton anyway).  Yesterday we had one, but it really was realated to a lack of food in the morning.  That is HUGE for this boy.  If he doesn't eat well, he becomes a puddle of ornriness and melts down into throwing things, crying, etc.  We just need to make sure his tummy is full to avoid this stuff for the most part.  And realize he is just a kid sometimes too--- a kid that still needs to learn he cannot have "everything" he wants all the time.  Hmmmmmm

But, we have had some great days.  About a week ago, he and I sat in his room with wooden blocks (thank you to Randy and Barb for giving these to Isaac when he was Five years old--yes I still have them).   Why post this??? I mean kids play with big deal right?  Well, this IS a big deal.  He did not feel the need to sort and organize them and then put them back into the box without playing with them.  This happened on June 5.  That is how long it took---almost 2 months before he would just sit---and "play".  But, if you take a look at the creation closely you will see he is very symetrical in his design.    Maybe he will be an engineer... or architect some day.  He definitely has "systems" that he likes to work within.

The other significant part of this, was he let all of this sit in his room for a few days without picking it up.  Some parents would say "Wait a minute"!!!!! But I let it happen because I want him to relax about that a little bit.  He is still expected to clean up after himself, but sometimes a little mess is ok for a little while with this little man.

And here is the result:

a whole pile of creativity about to become something new

a sweet hand delicately balancing a piece of art

hard work takes concentration

a few finishing touches....

ta da....I used every block in the box!!!

and then there is the ever swimming "Fish"
We are going to the pool almost everyday! 
(for say....2+ hours a day- I believe in full emersion training...)
and Lucas wanted a set of snorkeling gear, so of course momma caved in....

he loves the "concept" but really cannot quite get it all figured out quite yet.  He is preparing for our trip to Florida next weekend and swimming in the ocean.

he prefers to be "under" the water than above it.  And LOVES diving for things at the bottom of the pool.  But, the funny part about that is his little bottom just pops up like a bobber, so he cannot get down to the bottom without really working at it. 

and then there is the "jumping" into the pool.  I'm going to count that many jumps he can make in a 2 hour session at the pool.  He LOVES to jump off the side of the pool or be tossed by mom or dad from one person to the other.

sometimes he takes a break and plays with pool toys:

refueling with cheese balls is of course a necessity...

 and when mom brings the camera to the pool eventually you have to say "that's enough"....Stop Taking Pictures of Me!!!!

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