My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Monday, June 27, 2011

the calm before the "storm" (but a "good" storm)

Tomorrow, Peter and Isaac leave for Cornerstone Festival in Illinois for several days.  Lucas and I will be home alone and plan to make the best of it.  Lucas is sad that Aunt Linda had to leave today.  He is also sad that daddy and Isaac will be gone, but I think it is a good little "break" for all of us before the craziness sets in full swing starting this Friday.  13 people will be sleeping here ( a youth group stopping in for an overnight stay and dinner), then the next day some of our sweet friends from Wisconsin come for 4 nights (the Foleys), Peter and Isaac come home while they are here, and then the next day after Foley's leave, Oma and Opa and Tante Lilli (Peter's parents and sister) come for 2 weeks and while they are here Peter's nephew and his wife and 2 kids come for a week (we will have 11 people in our house for that week).  I am so looking forward to all the visitors.  People think I am crazy, but I really do like it.  I love all the people that are coming.  I love that they are taking time out of their lives and coming to visit us.  I love "playing" with them and eating food around our table together and telling stories and laughing together.  I love going on adventures together or just sitting by the pool.  It's all so good.

But, for the next 4 days, it will be just Lucas and mommy.  There is something tender in that too.  hmmmmm what kind of mischief can we get into together????  How can I enhance "bonding" and "attachment" while spoiling my boy with attention??? hmmmm I'm thinking some serious sugar may be involved at some point.  I see a good excuse to work on my tan at the pool with my boy in tow.  I see some serious cuddling action goin' on.  Looking forward to enjoying some time with the little man.

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