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My Family
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Mom, What are ya doin'?"

The fun phrase of the day...
"Mom, what a' you do-een?"

I was teasing Mr. Lucas as we were driving and turning around and poking at him and saying "I Love YOU"..."I LOVE you"...emphasizing, "I" or "Love" or "you" and just being silly.  He said to me,
"Mom, what a' you dooo eeen?"...not sure if this is translating well, but it was very funny in person.

 More like, "Mom, have you lost your mind?"  "I'm sittin' here in the carseat being a good kid, and all you can do is poke at me and tell me you love me?" "you look like a fool"..."What are you doing?"

He also likes to handle situations by telling all of us "It's ok" "don't worry about it, I've got it handled...I CAN have as much ice cream as I want in my bowl..."It's ok"....he says it like this..."eets oh kay"...we generally say...ummmm no....eeets Not ok...we get to determine some of these little matters.  But, in reality he uses these phrases in some very sweet and funny moments, totally in context.  Cracks us up!

Today's events?
three and a half hours in 2 different swimming pools.

umm I'm to get this ice cream in this boy so we can all go to bed!

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