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My Family
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Day at the Beach....and Lucas drives a CAR?

We had a brief window of opportunity to come visit our sweet friends in Florida.  Annabelle(Isaac's girlfriend) came along with us to enjoy some fun time in the sun.  Yesterday, Isaac went surfing with Jack, Hannah and Annabelle entertained Lucas by building sand castles and hunting for seashells, and Sharon and I basked on the beach enjoying some sunshine.  Peter and John (the hardworking hubbies) had things to do but will join us tomorrow.  The water was crystal clear, the hot Florida sun kept us nice and warm and the water was a perfect temperature.  Waves were not the best for surfing, but the compromise on that is the waves were not too high for Lucas's first time in the ocean and at the beach.  He liked it but does not like the "taste" of the ocean--which unfortunately he got a few good gulps of at the beginning.  He says "ocean pu-wa shtinkay" which means "it stinks as in---I don't like the taste at all"  He prefers the taste of the swimming pool I guess--=)
But, he had a blast anyway as can be seen by the pics:

Annabelle, Lucas and Hannah 

Lucas thought it would be fun to sit in a previously dug hole, and try to bury himself in sand.

getting more and more brave, we jumped and frolicked in the waves

and then he got very comfortable doing it himself.

hunting for seashells...a necessity at the beach

Annabelle and Isaac

and then he discovered the boogie board....

Then Isaac began to teach his little brother all about surfing on the "big" board...such a good big brother:

oh and Lucas Drives A Car....
soooooo ever since Lucas has been with us he has been obsessed by our car.  He Loves to open the doors, close the doors, climb in the wrong door and crawl across the car to get to his seat.  He has loved to grab my keys more than once and push the buttons, etc etc.  SO.....tonight Isaac and Annabelle took Lucas to the pool in Cz's neighborhood.  Mr. John went to pick them up and let Lucas sit in the drivers seat of the car on his lap for the 2 block drive home.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  Lucas was in his GLORY.....He thought it was the funnest thing EVER!  Needless to say, we now have to tell Lucas "only with Mr. John"....=)  But, it's like having "that" uncle or aunt that spoils the kid and then sends them home with the parents.  Great!  "thanks mr. john"

Lucas Gets a Tan
oh and one more cute thing from today.  Obviously, Lucas spends a lot of time in the sun.  Sooooo he is getting quite tan.  Today he was taking a shower.  I was on the outside watching.  He washed himself very well, washed his hair, etc.  Then, looked at his legs again and started washing them again and saying "stinky" and pointing to his legs.  I said "what's wrong with your leg?"  He kept scrubbing.  Until....I noticed that he thought his body was "dirty"-------when in reality it is his TAN that he was trying to scrub off.  How do you explain That?  So I showed him my tan and my white belly...He laughed!  I think he gets that it's not something to scrub off.  But, it must be new to him to see his skin turning so dark.  I put sunscreen on him, I really do.  (at least sometimes), but being out and about in the sun as much as we have been, I just cannot keep up.  He also does not seem to really burn.

More fun in the Sun on Monday...stay tuned.

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