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My Family
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Monday, June 13, 2011

"daddy I'm talking"...and Isaac Gets a Job!

a busy day yields a tired boy.
Woke up this morning and took a risk at sending him to VBS (vacation Bible School) at a local church.  If anyone knows or has taught or volunteered at such an event you know this is chaotic wonderful craziness.  But, imagine if you don't completely understand all that is going on...but LOVE the activites, the people, the music, etc. etc.  It must have been a tiring morning.

So after that, we had to take Isaac to an interview at Pac Sun -- a clothing retailer.  He thinks he got the job by the way---so proud of my Big Boy!!!
Lucas and I walked around the Mall for an hour while GeGe had his interview.  That alone was "fun".

Then to top it off I thought "hey let's try to go swimming"....ummmm probably not my best parenting moment.  But, he was excited to go.  However, as soon as we got there, Lucas proceeded to look for his goggles (ok they are really MY goggles) but could not find them.  He was determined they were in the car, and before I could grab him he grabbed my keys and headed out the gate of the swimming pool with my car keys heading to the car barefoot walking through a parking lot.  He was determined!  I told him if he did not stop we would not swim.  He kept right on truckin' so we had to pack it up before we even hit the pool.
And then....the meltdown.  I won't go into all the gory details--suppose I should protect his privacy a bit.  But, it were not perty if you know what I mean.  However, we had an interesting "twist" to it this time.  Daddy came home toward the end of the 45 minute meltdown.  And Lucas began to "talk" to us.  It was amazing actually.  Peter was talking, then Lucas, then Peter did sort of interrupt him.  And Lucas said "Daddy, I'm talking" was true.  He had some more to say about the whole thing and daddy interrupted him.  But, the cool ending to this situation was we could actually communicate to him what parts of the experience were appropriate.  What parts were not.  How he could do it differently next time.  How he can "use his words", etc.  It was very cool!
I also had to apologize for throwing something away that he had cut out of a Target Ad the other day.  That just topped off the evening.  But his solution to that was quite cute.  We have some bamboo hats from Thailand hanging in our dining room.  He decided that he and I should put on those hats and he would tell me all about the situation while we had our own private conference.  Problem was, he wanted me to sit in a child's size wooden rocking chair for this "conference" and my butt didn't fit.  He thought that was pretty funny!

A couple of things ran through my mind in all of this today.
1.  Sometimes life just gets unbearable and a person just needs to cry and scream to work it all out. And afterward it is like someone pushed the "relief" button--and happy boy returns at full throttle!
2.  Sometimes the "topic" of the day really is Not the Topic of the fit.
3.  Who knows how much unknown garbage lies under the surface of our sweet boy's heart?  only God!
4.  Verbal communication is changing rapidly and is such a sweet relief.
5.  I love this boy and will always love him even if he gets angry.  And he will know this.  I will keep telling him this till the day I die!  Even in the midst of a fit---even if he does plug his ears....just sayin'
6.  I'm not afraid of this---I'm in for the long haul

and finally
Number 7.....I AM SO PROUD OF ISAAC for getting this new Job!  He is such a sweet treasure to me and has been an amazing trouper through all of our craziness.  I trust him, I love him, I am so Proud to be his Momma---He is an amazing teenager.  I cannot imagine doing this if I also had to worry about all kinds of teen issues with him.  I LOVE HIM!!!!---got that Isaac---I LOVE YOU so much.  Thank you for all you do to make this family what it is.   (and don't forget my popcorn when you come home from the movie with your girlfriend)  Congratulations on your 1 and 1/2 year anniversary with Annabelle too. =)

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