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My Family
Summer 2015

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Well, anyone who has done life with me knows...
If you send kids to Our House, especially during the summer,
or warm weather during the Spring or Fall,
they may get wet or dirty.
It's just a matter of life at Chez J.

So, today, sir Lucas Boy wanted to play outside.
He got the hose out.
He wanted to wash my car.
It isn't quite that warm out, but I think we hit 60 today so maybe that's warm enough---
especially if you can't feel how wet your feet are getting through your soaking wet socks and shoes....

I kept checking on him, but at one point while I was inside (baking bread-really I was checking a lot),
he got into more mud and more water....unrelated to washing the car.

His shoes were completely soaked as well as his socks.
Mud was everywhere.

He was such a boy!!!!
Love that part of the day!
Letting him loose to play!

Typically my response in these situations is
"It's washable"
I learned that phrase many years ago from my friend Anne G.
I don't mind dirt and water.
Boys should get wet and muddy.  It's part of the package.

That's been my motto for years.

I moved to Georgia.
What is with this DIRT anyway?

It is just evil.
Once it gets on something it does not come off.
I feel like the mom-that-can't-stand-her-kids-getting-dirty.
I don't want to be that mom.
My neighbor here once said to me last summer as I attempted to garden...
"You know what they say about Georgia clay don't ya?"
me:  "no..".
"They say it's the blood of all the soldiers"
me: "oooo....ok"
not sure how a northerner is suppose to respond to that exactly...(he was sort of chuckling so I think it was suppose to be funny)  but it was an awkward moment...

I do know it's awful to get out of clothing, carpet, and anything it touches.

Where is my good ole Wisconsin dirt?
How can I miss DIRT?

I miss my backyard in WI where we had a creek and places for adventure and creative playtime in the dirt----that was washable.

I guess I'll have to figure this out, but in the meantime, there is still something humorous about a boy getting his shoes and socks completely wet and soaked and being completely clueless about it.  Puts a lot of things in perspective.
I guess I will just deal with the dirt.


  1. Didn't he get to go out in the snow in crocs? Joe would have went "barefoot" but I didn't want to mess up the feet.

  2. no snow in Atlanta unfortunately for Lucas...he misses it---he says they had a lot of snow in "mongolia". This was really our first "messy" moment with the prosthetics, but they were really only wet. The shoes and socks got the worst of it.

  3. HA! I forgot - Georgia clay is new for you guys! And for the record I have lived in GA all my life and I have never heard the thing about the clay being soldiers blood...weirdo. Who says that!
    I remember being kids and everything in our wardrobe that was white quiclky turned to a pale shade of peach from the red clay. don't fight it - it's a losing battle!