My Family

My Family
Summer 2015

Friday, February 3, 2012

"I will tell them a Lion ate my legs!"

Sitting at a Chick Fil A restaurant...
Lucas is eating food...
Then he wanted to go play in the play yard...
But, he noticed the sign that says "no shoes allowed".  Well that presents a bit of a problem..
I said, "Let's just take your legs off and you can go play." (another quote that falls into the "things I never thought I'd hear myself say" category from the previous post)
So as we are taking them off he says...
"What if the kids ask me what happened to my legs?"
I said,
"just tell them you had surgery"
with a chuckle and all on his own he says:
"I will tell them a lion ate my legs"
I completely cracked up!
Then he reminded me that I told him to say that a while ago.
I had completely forgotten.
It was several months ago as a sort of joke. I think he was still in casts at the time.
But, today he remembered.

So he went to play. Just socks on...which didn't last long...cuz those came off too.

A few minutes later a sweet little girl--maybe about age 6 came out with a puzzled look on her face.
All I could think was "oh noooo, he didn't"....

She went over to her table, within my earshot, where her grandparents were sitting.
She said "He said a lion ate his legs"...
I totally cracked up inside my own head.
But, tossed out a little clarification for the sweet thing....
"Um, I'm sorry, but it's sort of an inside joke for our family..uh hum....he just had surgery"

Was that wrong?
Oh my gosh I cannot stop laughing about this.
Lucas was completely cracking up and thinks it is just the funniest thing ever.

I just know I'm gonna get reported to some PC organization for kids with stumps someday.
Oh my goodness, help me!


  1. This is beyond funny, it will become an anecdotal legend for generations to come. I thank God for your and Lucas' sense of humor about this, certainly the best approach in light of all he has endured. So, so, very precious! What I would have given to be a fly on the wall at that CFA! LOLOLOL!!! Thank you so much for sharing Lucas and his adventures with us. You could write a book about all of this. First there were the Adventures of Tintin (part of my childhood) and now the Adventures of Lucas. Destined to be a classic, and would certainly be a help for families of children going through amputations. You are awesome! Thanks for the many smiles and LOL's today! :-D

  2. i can totally see the twinkle in his eye after he told her and saw her face! love it!!!

  3. that's my boy....that's all I got to say. Someone on facebook said he could also say "I left them in my other pants..." lol that's a good one too. But, Lucas tried to say it and got the English all mixed up. So I think he's stickin with the "lion" comment