My Family

My Family
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shriner's Appointment yesterday

Yesterday, Lucas and I drove up to Shriners for a PT appointment and adjustment to his prosthesis.  Finally, I think we have a resolution to the non-bending right leg.  They did a few adjustments and then gave us some extra exercises to do.
So beware....I think he will be running very soon with his new legs and the baseball world better watch out, cuz he is determined to play baseball this spring.  (he's a pretty good batter too, so beware of flying baseballs if you come near our house)

Happy Valentine's Day--another new holiday for Lucas to evaluate and figure out.  At our house Peter buys those little cards that you hand out in classrooms, signs them and hides them all over the house.  Each person has their own "themed" cards and we tend to find them for months after Valentine's Day-- in drawers, in pockets of pants, in books, on mirrors, etc.  Lucas is having fun searching for them all over the house.

We are having a little party later with some friends so that should be fun too.

Happy Valentine's Day to all...=)

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